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Speak Up to your MP

For the love of the food on our plates and the people that grow it; the Arctic and the Great Barrier Reef; bluebells and butterflies; our children and grandchildren; we need to tackle climate change. Climate change is having an effect on the things we hold dear and we need to demand action.
On 17th June 2015 over nine thousand people from across the UK descended on Westminster to ensure our new Government and all MPs hear loud and clear that we are speaking up on climate change.
It was an amazing day: fun inspiring and impactful. Including ecumenical services, art installations and mass rally and of course the all important lobby. Find out what happened in the video below.



If you couldn't make it to London, there is still time to contact your MP and tell them what you care about, and how it is or will be affected by climate change.  Use our handy Speak Up feature below and we'll make sure your MP gets the message.



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