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UN international climate talks

Latest round of UN negotiations on climate change

The UN climate conference takes place in Lima, Peru, from 1st to 12th December 2014.  The Lima conference is important because it is the last meeting before the climate conference in Paris in December 2015, where world leaders are expected to conclude a new global deal on climate change.

SCCS will be represented at the Lima talks (as observers) and will blog regularly on Bella Caledonia.  So to keep up with the latest news from the global climate negotiations, read our blog via the link below and/or follow us on Twitter @sccscot.

Our press release: UN climate talks end in disappointment, 14th December 2014

Blog 5 from Lima climate conference, 10th December 2014

Blog 4 from Lima climate conference, 9th December 2014

Blog 3 from Lima climate conference, 8th December 2014

Our opinion piece in Scotland on Sunday, 7th December 2014

Blog 2 from Lima climate conference, 4th December 2014

SCCS first blog from the UN climate conference in Lima

Taking the Scottish climate example to other countries
SCCS has done a great deal of work to encourage other developed countries to commit to ambitious climate change legislation as Scotland has done with its world-leading Scottish Climate Change Act.

Our new short film, Scotland's Climate Action Story, aims to inform decision makers in other countries to try to inspire similarly ambitious climate commitments elsewhere.  View the film via the link below and link to our web page about the short film to access the film in other languages and related briefings.

In previous years, we have done other work to show how Scottish civil society came together to push for our ambitious climate legislation.  Find out more about this in this short video about the example set by the Scottish Climate Change Act and how Stop Climate Chaos Scotland worked together to influence it: SCCS Climate Act film.

Find out more about our international work at previous UN conferences via the links below:

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Scotland’s Climate March

Scotland’s Climate March

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