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We Want to See Double

Campaign update: Friday 17th January 2014

The Scottish Government have today published their draft Budget Bill.  It appears that no further allocation of funding for cycling and walking has been provided in next year's budget.  We are very disappointed that Scottish Finance Minister, John Swinney MSP, has not responded to the support from hundreds of people across the country to the We Want to See Double campaign.  Read our response to the budget publication.

Transport accounts for a quarter of Scotland’s climate change emissions. Yet just 1% of total public spending on transport in Scotland is spent on cycling and walking: the lowest carbon forms of transport.

In the next two weeks, Mr Swinney will publish the Scottish Government’s Budget Bill, which sets out their spending plans for the next year.  

We are asking Mr Swinney to double the current level of funding for cycling and walking in the next financial year, compared to the current year, and for that funding to increase year-on-year thereafter until 10% of the total transport budget is allocated to this ‘active travel’.

There are many potential benefits to people across Scotland as a result of this investment: better health and fitness, improved air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We want Mr Swinney to see the level of support for this, just before he publishes those spending plans - can you help us amplify the message?  Click on the relevant link above to get involved.