Turning Scotland's climate ambition into climate action

Scotland's Climate March, November 2015
In December 2015, thousands of people took to the streets of Edinburgh to call for climate, justice, and green jobs as world leaders gathered for the Paris climate talks.  
At the same time, climate science has become ever surer with every scientific academy in the world agreeing that global temperatures are increasing, that this is caused primarily by human activity and that people in the world’s poorest countries are suffering most from its effects, despite doing least to cause it.
With elections in Scotland this May, you can use your voice – along with thousands of others here in Scotland - to remind political party leaders that people across the country want to see the next Scottish Government turn climate ambition into climate action. 
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For many years now, all parties in the Scottish Parliament have been broadly supportive of action on climate change.  In 2009, this became a concrete commitment, set down in Scottish law, in the form of the Scottish Climate Change Act.
Meanwhile, at the UN climate talks in Paris at the end of last year, political leaders from across the world agreed to take more significant and more urgent action on climate change.  It wasn’t enough on its own, but it continued to push countries – particularly those who are less keen on reducing their emissions – to confront this most pressing issue.
If we can show that we can deliver on Scotland’s Climate Change Act, we can show a path to a low-carbon world. By reducing our emissions, we can play our necessary part in helping those in developing countries that are already suffering the impacts of changing global temperatures.
So Scotland’s political parties now need to set out new actions that will put our nation firmly on its way to becoming a low carbon economy.  The transition to a greener economy can kick-start jobs, cut emissions, and help tackle social issues like fuel poverty.  The consequences of the decisions that the next Scottish Government takes will stay with us for years to come, and that’s why Scotland’s political parties need to know that tackling climate change is a priority.
You will likely have many opportunities to talk to your election candidates over the coming months, at hustings, online or even on your own doorstep.   Together, we want to ensure that candidates from all parties understand that their prospective constituents want them to work hard to build the fairer, greener Scotland we all need. 
We have put together a briefing which tells you about seven transformational policies which we believe the next Scottish Government should adopt to secure a low carbon Scotland for the future.  The briefing also explains how you could talk about these policies to those candidates seeking your vote.
Read our supporter briefing to help you talk to your election candidates about climate change and related issues.
Last summer, the leader of every political party currently represented in the Scottish Parliament pledged to bring forward a manifesto for this May’s election that includes their plan for ensuring Scotland plays its fair part in tackling climate change.
SCCS election manifesto 2016, front coverStop Climate Chaos Scotland has pulled together a manifesto of some of the key transformative decisions the next Scottish Government will have to if we are to make sure Scotland plays our fair part in tackling this global problem.
Please write to the leaders of Scotland’s political parties today, calling on them to make good on their commitment to a manifesto that tackles climate change and to take up Stop Climate Chaos Scotland’s ideas for action.  
We have suggested some text for you to use in your email to them, but of course, it’s more powerful – if you have time - if you are able to write to them using your own words.  You may also wish in your email or letter to highlight your particular support for one of these ideas for action, if you feel strongly about any particular aspect of climate action.
Take action now
SCCS' election campaign is directed towards the five political parties currently represented in the Scottish Parliament.

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