Securing a low carbon Scotland for 2020 and beyond

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland manifesto for 2016

SCCS manifesto for 2016 Scottish elections, front coverOn Thursday 5th May 2016, Scottish Parliamentary elections will take place.  

One of the main challenges facing the next Scottish Government will be how to deliver our country’s climate commitments, through to 2020 and beyond.  

We want all parties to commit to the ambitious actions needed so that Scotland secures the benefits of a low-carbon economy, meets the statutory emissions targets, and addresses climate justice for people in other parts of the world.

Our manifesto document, Securing a low carbon Scotland for 2020 and beyond, sets out seven policy priorities for the Scottish Parliamentary elections 2016, as follows:

  1. Make energy efficiency of Scotland’s homes a National Infrastructure Project
  2. Commit to and deliver a Warm Homes Act
  3. Build the foundations for a Low Carbon Scotland through capital investment decisions
  4. A meaningful shift from private car to public transport and active travel
  5. Use new Air Passenger Duty powers to cut climate emissions
  6. Reinforce Scotland’s support for Climate Justice
  7. Commit to an ambitious Land Use Strategy Action Plan

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