Reduce emissions from air travel

Scottish Parliamentary elections 2016
High emissions created by air travelAir Passenger Duty is a tax which is currently levied upon flights from UK airports.  
However, air travel is notably exempt from other key tax levies.  Air fares are not subject to VAT and aviation fuel is tax-free, even though other methods of transport like rail do not enjoy all these same privileges.  
As a result, it is difficult for train ticket prices to compete with the equivalent air miles.  This is in spite of rail travel being a lower carbon form of transport, used by a wider section of the population.  
Air travel is the highest emitter per passenger kilometre, especially for domestic flights and is the only sector where emissions have risen significantly over past 20 years.  
This tax is soon to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament so we want all political parties to commit to using these new powers as a financial incentive to reduce overall climate emissions from air travel.  
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