Climate Justice funding for the world’s poorest people

Scottish Parliamentary elections 2016

Climate-smart farming in MalawiMillions of the world’s poorest people are feeling the impact of climate change right now through, for example, more extreme and unpredictable weather events, like flooding and drought. 

They are suffering first and worst from the consequences, and yet they are least to blame for the problem.

Scotland, as one of the world’s first industrialised nations, has a role to play in addressing this injustice that has accrued over generations. 

In addition to delivering on Scotland’s targets to cut emissions, there is a need to address the unavoidable impacts of climate change from which the poorest are already suffering in other parts of the world.

Scotland’s Climate Justice Fund was launched in 2012 with initial funding of £3m and a further £3m funding round was announced in October 2013.  It currently supports a range of projects, such as drought protection, in sub-Saharan Africa.

We want Scotland’s political parties to commit to establishing a stable and predictable funding pattern for climate justice overseas.

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