Reduce road transport emissions

Scottish Parliamentary elections 2016

Rush hour in EdinburghTransport accounts for a quarter of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions, yet is the sector which has seen by far the least progress in terms of policy effort from Government and actual emissions reductions.
In the next Scottish Parliament we want to see a meaningful shift from private car to public transport and active travel.  To deliver this, we want political parties to commit to measures that will reduce private car use, such as parking management, 20mph zones or road user charging.
By reducing the demand for road travel, we can make a significant change towards a sustainable, cleaner and fairer transport system for all Scottish citizens.  Scotland’s higher earners currently benefit most from Government spending on roads, while lower income groups, young people and women are most dependent on public transport and active travel.  
Measures to reduce private car use, alongside investments in active travel and public transport, will make green travel options like, cycling, walking and using public transport, more attractive.  
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