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Scottish Parliamentary elections 2016
A warm and cosy home for every familyClose to half of Scotland’s climate change emissions come from heating, including heating things like our homes, hot water and places of work.  Making homes more energy efficient helps substantially with cutting climate change emissions. 
It also helps eradicate fuel poverty (which is when a household spends more than 10% of its income on energy bills), which currently stands at 845,000 households, improve health and wellbeing with resulting lower NHS expenditure, improve energy security and creates jobs across the country.
We want all political parties to commit to taking a long-term approach to improving the energy efficiency of Scotland’s homes, so that everyone in Scotland has a warm, affordable- to-heat and lower carbon home by 2025. 
All of Scotland’s main political parties are committed to making the energy efficiency of Scotland’s housing a long-term National Infrastructure Project.  This means that the kind of clarity, purpose and focus that has been given to spanning the Firth of Forth or re-connecting the Borders railway would be given to upgrading the energy efficiency of all homes across the country. 
This commitment now needs to be turned into reality, backed by strong funding pledges and an action plan for delivering the project.  It should also be complemented by parties committing to and delivering a Warm Homes Act for Scotland, which would help to increase the number of homes heated using renewable sources and local heat networks.
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