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Climate Revolution Cycle Ride

Anyone up for a bike ride?  
Earlier this year a few of us (Team Sky-lark) rode from Edinburgh to London to highlight the need for climate action. We are now planning a ride, to take place the day before Scotland’s Climate March, to publicise the march in Edinburgh and the need for a climate revolution.  We are looking for as many keen cyclists as possible to join us to make as big a peloton as possible.
The Message
We need a climate revolution. We need climate action now. Scotland and the world must move quickly from a reliance on fossil fuels and consuming more than is sustainable to a low-carbon future. We will be marching in Edinburgh the next day to call for an ambitious deal in Paris and a low-carbon future for Scotland.
The Plan
  • Early start at Kinneil House where James Watt invented the steam engine and kickstarted the industrial revolution.
  • The ride goes to Grangemouth, a symbol of the dirty old fossil fuel industry we need to move away from.
  • We ride up the hills to take in examples of positive action; renewable energy at Black Law; peat restoration; community  energy; other low carbon projects before ending up in Edinburgh.
  • Finish in Edinburgh.
The Aim
We aim to gain publicity for the march and Paris – hopefully media interviews at Kinneil and photo opportunities elsewhere on route. Plenty of social media to highlight the march the next day.
The Route (not fixed)
83miles (or thereabouts) - a tough day’s cycling but plenty of stops.  View the route on Google Maps.
Do you have suggestions of low-carbon community projects we could stop at?
The Team
Team Sky-lark plus anyone else. YOU? If you are interested please email Jim.  Invite your friends too.
United Kingdom
Friday, November 27, 2015

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