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ECO Fair - MADE in Europe

On Saturday 6th September MADE will be holding the biggest event of the year - the 2014 #EcoFair at Regents Park Mosque - where we'll be promoting all things green and ethical.
The day will be packed with stalls, activities, workshops, speakers and more! 

Regents Park Mosque is also the Zuhr prayer stop of our Tour de Salah cycle challenge and Shaykh Shams Ad Duha who is participating will be stopping off to deliver a reminder along with some other guest speakers. ​
Why not enjoy the last of the summer sun before the gloom of winter with the MADE crew! From cupcakes and creativity to speakers and smoothies we have it all!
Come along with your family from 12-5pm to meet new people, share exciting ideas and learn about the wonderful world of all things green and ethical!

As the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "The Earth is green and beautiful, and Allah has appointed you his stewards over it" (Muslim).​

Regents Park Mosque Courtyard
146 Park Rd
NW8 7RG London
United Kingdom
Saturday, September 6, 2014
12pm - 5pm

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