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Public debate: Wellbeing, Equality and Environment

How can we make our economy deliver wellbeing and sustainability?
There’s a widespread view that it’s time to steer our economy in a new direction, with:
  • Growing inequality, high unemployment, growing in-work poverty.
  • Economic development drives climate change and resource depletion.
  • The threats of future crises in the financial system remain.
We don’t accept that this is inevitable just because the experts say ‘there is no alternative’. Instead we believe we can steer our economy in a direction which ensures wellbeing for all and care for the environment on which we depend.
We need to take a bold, sustainable, alternative economic pathway.
Exploring the alternatives
A partnership of civic organisations in Scotland – environmental organisations, anti-poverty campaigners, trade unions and international development charities – is posing the key questions about economic policies which can make real change:
How do we ensure large-scale investment to rewarding jobs, cut polluting greenhouse gas emissions and reduce poverty?
How do we distinguish between the economic paths which create well-being and environmental sustainability; and those which do the opposite?
How can we extend public democratic controls over our economy and the financial sector so that they serve our ends?
How can we reverse the trend towards deepening inequalities in income and wealth?
We are asking economists and other thinkers to give their answers. Then we aim to build consensus about how we want our governments to manage our economy.
Join us for the public debate.  
Speakers include:
Ann Pettifor (Fellow of New Economics Foundation)  
Jo Armstrong (CPPR, Glasgow University)  
Richard Murphy (Tax Justice Network)  
Professor Richard Werner (Southampton University) 
A conference on this topic will take place the following day.
For more information and to book your place:


Glasgow University Union
32 University Avenue
G12 8LX Glasgow
United Kingdom
Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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