Rally for the Climate

Rally for the Climate - crowd image

Over 6,250 submitted your messages to the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon and we took them to her at Scottish Parliament on the 27th of May 2015.

The Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition had been collecting messages from people across Scotland, highlighted the things that matter to them that are, or may be, affected by climate change.  Showing the First Minister that people are taking this issue seriously and for a broad range of reasons will help our Government prioritise action on climate change.

The rally was addressed by party leaders, spokes people and the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, Dr Aileen McLeod on behalf of the First Minister.

We received a diverse range of messages across the full range of topics that are affected by climate change.  Here are some examples:

For the love of everything that makes life worth living and to ensure a future for my children and grandchildren. 
Philip, Dunbar
Here’s what I love that is affected by climate change: golf
Jim, Edinburgh
Scotland's coasts are vitally important to the population of north Atlantic seabirds and they are already under severe pressures due to climate change. 
Jean, Glasgow
Here’s what I love that is affected by climate change: I love my children!
Lucy, Edinburgh
As a probationer minister in the Church of Scotland, I view looking after the world as important as feeding the hungry through foodbanks, as climate change will affect the world's ability, particularly the world's poorest, to feed itself.
Susan, Fife
The Isle of Tiree and other coastal communities all round the world 
Liz, Glasgow


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