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Juncker investment plan: deep reforms necessary for sustainable future

Derby teaching assistants take their pay dispute to Labour party conference

Derby teaching assistants have taken their dispute over pay to the Labour party conference in Liverpool today (Tuesday) in a bid to win support fro

International Scientists Raise Red Flags over Arctic's Future

Exit payment cap will hit middle earners, not just the highly paid, warns UNISON

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English FE members to be consulted on 1%/£250 pay offer

Members working in English further education colleges are to be consulted after employers made a “first and final” offer of a 1% pay increase, or £

Labour Conference: Stopping and reversing the failed experiment of privatisation

It was an honour to speak on behalf of public service workers at Labour Party conference today.

Labour must be electable to protect public services and win for working people, says UNISON

Labour can only win for working people and protect public services by being in government — and putting an end to the infighting that has plagued t

UNISON launches UK-wide campaign to celebrate public service champions

A UK-wide campaign aimed at reminding the public of the importance of public services –and those that provide them – is to be launched later today

Shopping the Dutch way wins our competition

Three of the top 10 entries in our Shopping by Bike competiti

Labour must come together and convince voters it can govern, says UNISON

Commenting on Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election today (Saturday) as the leader of the Labour party, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis 


Member stories

All We Can:

As a result of the generous response of supporters to its Refugee Appeal All We Can has been...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

Oil and Gas company South Western Energy is pulling out of parts of the South West after local...


Commenting on Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to the Labour party conference in Liverpool today (...

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