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Food speculation projection at the Tory party conference

On the eve of the Tory party conference, photos of peo

New term, new home, renewable energy.

Support People & Planet's climate campaigns by switching to clean, green energy from Ecotricity.

Tackling hunger head on in Ethiopia

Many churches will have conducted Harvest services recently, celebrating God’s bountiful provision for us.

Wind turbine consultation

MRDF resource wins two prestigious awards

The Iota course, a multimedia resource for small groups launched by MRDF earlier this year, won the Intera

From Strength to Strength

At the beginning of September, 54 representatives from MRDF partner organisations in 13 countries met in Uganda for four and a half days of intensi

Reclaim Energy! Day - 7 October

A free, student-led event in St Andrews exploring alternatives to the dangers of unconventional fossil fuels like fracking and tar sands.

UNICEF responds to speech by Shadow Secretary of State for International Development

Statement from UNICEF UK in response to Ivan Lewis’s speech at the Labour Party conference

What’s the future for planet Earth?

I’ve grown up with the future according to Hollywood: visions of a scary, dystopian future with a world devastated and destroyed.


Member stories

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