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Soccer Aid 2012 smashes all fundraising records for UNICEF's work for children

Three months on from ITV1's star-studded football fundraiser, UNICEF is delighted to announce that Soccer Aid 2012 has raised over £4.9 million for

Greenbelt festival

Green Climate Fund board meets for the first time

After months of delay, the new UN Green Climate Fund (GCF) had its first board meeting between 23-25 August.

Songs and hymns I hate to sing

When I preach for A Rocha, the hymn ‘How great Thou art’ is often chosen.

WEN joins Energy Bill Revolution alliance

WEN mentioned in MAKE IT LOCAL blog

Sabbath simplicity

My family keeps the Sabbath. Not religiously—as in, we don’t always do religious things. But we are pretty religious about “keeping” it.

Mali Update

The conflict in northern Mali and urgent food shortages are forcing thousands of Malians to flee their homes.

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