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Parliament 'no' to emissions targets must not delay climate change action

The Scottish Parliament have rejected proposed targets for emissions reductions.

Scottish government's failure on climate targets and aviation

Key measures published by the Scottish Government confirm Scotland’s 2020 climate target to cut emissions by 42% but a commitment on early action i

'Tar sands' fight at BP AGM

(15/04/10) UNISON flexes pension fund muscles at oil giant's AGM

Business leaders, scientists and civil society back climate change targets

Scottish busi

Hope rises at Copenhagen

(14/12/09) Unions optimistic as governments discuss 'just transition' and 'decent work'

SCCS response to COP15 Copenhagen talks

Speaking on the outcome of the UN summit on climate change in Copenhagen, Mike Robinson, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos

On a wave in London, Glasgow and Belfast

(07/11/09) UNISON members take to the streets to call for Copenhagen agreement
The Wave Scotland - climate change march, December 2009

The Wave floods into Glasgow to demand action on climate change

8000 people joined The Wave, Scotland’s biggest ever demonstration to demand action on climate change

Join the Wave!

Public Event: 

Dance For The Climate

In August 2009 over 10.000 people danced for the climate on the Ostend Beach in Belgium.


Member stories

John Ray Initiative:

Reflections on the Bishop of Lichfield’s Selwyn Lecture at Lichfield Cathedral, 16th October...


Following the December cons

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