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Green Climate Fund receives $1.3 billion in new pledges

NEWS: France leads the way with $1 billion pledge to green bank, while developing countries also make surprise contributions

Strong Paris deal needed to make carbon pricing work – analysts

NEWS: Carbon markets are only as good as the political goals that underpin them, say analysts in response to New York pledge

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...part 2

For small islands states, the renewables revolution is already here

COMMENT: Island states are may be small, but they're powerful when it comes to renewables, write three foreign ministers

New York summit renews confidence in climate action

ANALYSIS: From 400,000 marching in the streets of New York to the affirmations of world leaders at the UN, there is a renewed confidence in climate

10 best leaders’ pledges at the UN summit

ANALYSIS: World leaders delivered around 16 hours of speeches yesterday. But who actually delivered meaningful pledges?

Costa Rica is green and growing despite climate concerns

COMMENT: Costa Rica is vulnerable to climate change but benefits from green policies, writes environment minister

Coal trains stopped in UK and Poland protests

NEWS: Greenpeace activists "occupy" coal train in the UK to highlight climate dangers, while Polish miners block Russian imports

F is for farmer field schools

UN climate summit: Mandela’s widow says leaders lack courage

NEWS: Graca Machel, member of the Elders group, attacks world leaders for weak promises at New York summit


Member stories

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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Stringent measures are needed for shipping to make a fair contribution to global emissions...

John Ray Initiative:

The Ethics of Climatic Scepticism

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