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Local government pension funds, not ministers should decide where to invest their members’ money, says UNISON

Local government pension funds must be able to decide where to invest their money in the best interests of present and future pensioners, and shoul

Floods: We've had it up to here...

Finding a safe space: update from Nepal

On 25 April 2015, the worst earthquake in 81 years hit Nepal, causing devastation in the capital city Kathmandu as well as in isolated mountain are

UNISON bursaries for activists

UNISON is able to offer bursaries for union activists studying trade union and labour studies or women’s studies at certificate, diploma or degree

Amber Rudd MP responds to UNA-UK letter calling for robust climate deal

The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change has replied to UNA-UK's calls for the UK to take the lead on the Paris climate deal.

How Osborne’s Fake ‘Living Wage’ Could Trap Many in Poverty

When George Osborne stood up in the House of Commons last year and announced that there would be a ‘national living wage’, many peopl

Remembering the Holocaust

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day – UNISON members will be among peope around the globe remembering the millions who died in the worst human atrocity

Above and beyond the call of duty

UNISON members provide so much for their workplaces and their communities, going above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis t

EDF postpone Hinkley decision - Greenpeace reaction

Panic inside EDF board puts Hinkley power station at risk