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France and India pledge to cooperate at UN climate talks

NEWS: French Foreign Minister says India will be a 'major player' at 2015 Paris summit, backing Modi to deliver a new approach

Pope Francis laments “sin” of environmental destruction

NEWS: Head of Catholic church warns destruction of rainforests and Earth's ecosystems is humanity's greatest challenge

Energy efficiency targets: what are they good for?

COMMENT: As European officials consider an energy efficiency target for 2030, two experts look at why and how it could be useful

Pakistan faces ‘environmental cataclysm’ warn officials

NEWS: Governments in Islamabad and Delhi are not preparing for potential climate impacts, says new research

Bangladesh and climate change: Time to change the narrative?

COMMENT: Rising tides threaten the country's future, but a resilient population is thriving despite adversity, writes Saleemul Huq

UK climate laws have ‘negligible’ impact on business – LSE

NEWS: Green policies are not driving UK businesses abroad as critics claim, say leading academics

Fortress Waverley

Spokes has been contacted by many members and others about the Network Rail decision to ban cycling from Waverley Bridge down into the station on b

India faces climate ‘isolation’ warns ex minister

NEWS: Prime Minister Modi may have to make concessions and agree emission cuts at UN talks if India's old alliance breaks down

UK prime minister swayed by climate sceptics – Huhne

NEWS: Climate deniers are influencing UK prime minister David Cameron, according to former energy secretary Chris Huhne


Member stories


With the British public becoming increasingly engaged in politics as the UK general election...

Responding to Climate Change:

INTERVIEW: Strained relationships between Russia, EU and Middle East make climate negotiations...


by-nc. Credit: Jiri Rezac A giant fracking monster outside Parliament on Monday...
Columban JPIC:

Parish visit to St. Matthew, and St. Cecilia, Liverpool, Archdiocese of Liverpool, by Fr.

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