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Parish visit to Ss Mary & Michael, Preston

Parish visit to Parish visit to Ss Mary & Michael, Preston, Diocese of Lancaster by Fr. Jim Fleming SSC

Parish visit to St Bede & St Edmund Campion, Carlisle

Parish visit to St Bede & St Edmund Campion, Carlisle, Diocese of Lancaster by Fr. Denis Carter SSC

5 eco-friendly ways to dispose of your old Christmas tree

by-nc-nd. Credit: When a Christmas tree ends up in a landfill it decomposes and produces methane, a potent...

2017 - The Year Of The Long-Term Climate Plan?

Together in UNISON we can make a difference in 2017

This week marks, for most people, the start of a new working year.

Public pay the price of job cuts

It might not make front page news, but the public pay the price when support staff are axed.

What are Donald Trump’s policies on climate change and environment issues?

The growing impacts of climate change are extremely serious and urgent.

Top 2016 Tweets – what and why

Below are the most popular Spokes tweets from the last 12 months, measured by the number of retweets (RTs).   A truly fascinating picture!!

Columban Calender 2017

A very Happy New Year to all our Columban friends and supporters.

JRI Conference 18 March 2017

BOOK NOW for the annual JRI conference to be held on Saturday 18th March 2017 at Bournville College, Birmingham.


Member stories

John Ray Initiative:

Somerset- a different county We are pleased to announce that CRES and JRI will be running a one...

All We Can:

More than £340,000 has been given in response to the East Africa Famine Appeal, launched at the...

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