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Loss and damage: compensation or information?

NEWS: Experts disagree on whether to make polluters pay for unavoided climate change impacts on vulnerable communities

US State dept labels climate change “strategic priority”

NEWS: Tackling rise of greenhouse gas emissions ranks alongside terrorism, promoting economic growth and building open and democratic societies

Japan’s weak climate plans “grave concern” says John Prescott

NEWS: Former UK climate envoy appeals to Japanese premier Shinzo Abe to change course and offer tough emissions goal for Paris

Doing All We Can

All We Can greatly values the dedicated individuals who share and promote our work in their churches and communities, and encourage others to get i

UK university displays ‘memorial’ to named climate deniers

BLOG: Nigel Lawson, James Delingpole and Melanie Phillips feature in provocative work awarded Anglia Ruskin sustainability art prize

Leading oil producers commit to slash gas flaring emissions

NEWS: New initiative to stop gas being flared off from oil production sites could prevent release millions of tonnes of emissions

“Don’t mention Arctic oil”: How Shell’s latest bid to get young people hooked on fossil fuels seriously backfired

Human rights focus can strengthen Paris climate deal

COMMENT: Climate change may constitute the most serious challenge to the fulfilment of human rights in our world today

UK government ordered to cut air pollution

NEWS: Supreme court tells ministers to take "immediate action" to meet safe limits of nitrogen dioxide 25 years after original deadline

G20 to assess ‘carbon bubble’ threat – media reports

NEWS: United States, China, India, Russia, Australia, and Saudi Arabia to probe risks of stranded assets ahead of UN climate pact


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Winchester Action on Climate Change:
Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: More than 6.5 companies back call on policymakers to set a path to go carbon neutral "well...


Edinburgh Council Transport Committee is expected to decide on June 2nd whether to press on with...

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