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Scottish Budget – Spokes submission

Spokes has urged the Parliament’s ICI Committee to take a tougher line on active travel investment…

Halloween could be UK’s hottest ever

NEWS: October 31 will be frightfully hot, according to the UK's Met Office

Africa adopts sustainable transport plan

NEW: Roadmap endorsed by 42 African countries sets stage for green transport transition across Africa

Banks invest record €66bn in coal sector

NEWS: Private banks are stepping in to finance coal mines and power stations as development banks divest, finds BankTrack

Oil guzzling Malta proposes climate change law

NEWS: New law would set up Climate Action Fund and carry prison sentences for those breaking its obligations

Reducing population is no environmental 'quick fix'

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Key links between consumption, climate change

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Typhoon Donations Making a Difference


Minor EU emission cuts masks underlying apathy on 2C

COMMENT: Latest GHG data from Brussels shows we have achieved nothing of significance relative to scale of the climate challenge, says Kevin Anders

IPCC will abolish doubt in climate politics – Danish minister

NEWS: The UN's latest climate change report will provide strong scientific base for negotiations in the future, says Rasmus Helveg-Petersen


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Some failures to be expected when trying to achieve difficult and important tasks, argues...

Columban JPIC:

John Nightingale is the Chairman of Jubilee Debt Campaign, Birmingham.

Winchester Action on Climate Change:
UK government pledges £720 million

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