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‘What kind of world have we created?’

Fifty years ago, the BBC broadcast Cathy Come Home, one of the most ground-breaking and influential programmes in television history.

Reading council should stop dragging its heels on equal pay

All too often – despite decades of equal rights and equal pay legislation – women are underpaid in the workplace for the work that they do.

‘Social care is at a tipping point’

Social care services that support older people are at tipping point.

Greenpeace joins councils preparing Heathrow legal challenge

Women drag last equal pay claim council to court, says UNISON

14 October 2016 Embargo: 00.01hrs Monday 17 October 2016

Climate wins as another global deal to limit emissions is reached

Switching to LED light bulbs will slash winter blackout risk

Together we can end the injustice of massive pay cuts for those who care for our kids

Last night at Redhills, the famous home of the Durham Miners, hundreds of women mistreated by their employer came together and showed they won’t be

Get set for European Health and Safety Week

just 10 days to European health and safety week (24-30 October) – the annual focus on making sure that work and our workplaces are both safe and he

Environment Ministers must turn climate commitments into action


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The role of a paramedic will be re-banded nationally, giving paramedics the opportunity to earn...


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Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon:

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