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Phasing out coal, powering a sustainable future


Sustaining Fiji's Great Sea Reef-an integrated response solution to building resilience of Fiji's Land, People and Oceans

Working together for a just transition away from fossil fuels

Although the issue doesn’t feature on the official agenda, the 23rd United Nations climate talks, hosted by Fiji, and held in Bonn, is being dubbed

“Would Jesus drive a diesel?” by Rev Dr John Weaver

I was asked to reflect on this interesting question.

10th Scottish victory as Glasgow Caledonian divests from fossil fuels

JRI Website Updating

The JRI website will be undergoing some major ‘behind-the-scenes’ changes during the period 15th to 17th November, and may not be available for som

First Minister calls for urgent and early action on climate change

As First Minister Nicola Sturgeon takes up an unprecedented invitation to speak at a High-Level Plenary session at

Award for Irish Columban Fr Shay Cullen

On 17th November 2017 in Kerkrade, the Netherlands, Irish Columban missionary, Fr Shay Cullen will be  the recipient of the 2017 Martin Buber Plaqu

CFBoA November 2017 newsletter


New report: Juncker Plan backs billions in fossil fuels and carbon-heavy infrastructure


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