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OECD to lag behind China and India on public coal finance?

Russia and the West must find "mutual interests" to resolve Syria - Sir Jeremy Greenstock

Russia and NATO need to "de-conflict" and find areas of common ground in order to find a lasting solution to the crisis in Syria, said UNA-UK's Cha

Rate of Antarctic ice melt to double by 2050 – study

NEWS: Global warming and powerful winds sweeping snow off ice shelves could accelerate sea level rise, scientists find

Who’d buy a coal mine? Two very different bids

ANALYSIS: X2 Resources and Greenpeace have their reasons for acquiring coal assets amid low commodity prices and climate concerns

BP, Shell, Rio Tinto offer support to Paris climate deal

NEWS: Major oil, mining and IT companies say they are behind plans for a global climate deal that includes the world's leading economies

Welsh members rally against Trade Union Bill

Members from across Wales held a mass rally outside the Senedd in Cardiff today, while the Welsh Assembly debated the Westminster government’s Trad

China aims to quadruple solar installations by 2020

NEWS: Bullish projection brings relief to panel manufacturers, while Agricultural Bank of China issues US$1 billion green bond

The Trade Union Bill: John’s story

My job involves many and varied tasks and responsibilities, from managing the health issues associated with an eating disorder to manging violence

Climate Home Live: Judging success in Paris

Laurence Tubiana, Jairam Ramesh and Pete Ogden will explain how to read the outcome of COP21 in an exclusive webcast from 10-12 BST Thursday, 15 Oc

Ten banks launch sustainable finance manifesto

NEWS: Lenders including Societe Generale, Yes Bank and ING back ‘positive impact principles’ to scale up clean energy investments


Member stories

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On Friday 21 April, 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to maintain the commitment made by...

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