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NHS staff should not have to work in fear of violent assault at Christmas or any time, says UNISON

The increase in the number of violent assaults against health service employees in England – up by over a fifth in the last five years –

A message of solidarity to the German people

Today I sent the following message of solidarity to our friends at the German union Ver.di following yesterday’s horrific events:

Shared Arctic leadership model delivers

The refugee king

In my church is a nativity. I imagine this particular tableau is repeated across the United Kingdom in many churches.

Scottish Govt draft 17/18 budget fails 2020 test

The draft 17/18 budget just fulfils the

All We Can Christmas message

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East-West Route : it’s Option A at Roseburn!!

All parties on Edinburgh City Council have agreed the direct, main-road, cycleroute at Roseburn, rather than the Option B back-street alter

Christian Values for All

You don’t have to be a believing Christian to believe in the values of Christmas. They are universal.

Remembering our president and friend Eric Roberts

Dave Prentis joined late president Eric Roberts’ family in Stevenage today to pay tribute to Eric at a small family funeral.

British Gas Owner Centrica Funding Climate Denial Group Linked to Trump


Member stories

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