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Global Warming: The Complete Briefing (5th Edition)

Global Warming. The Complete Briefing. 5th Edition

Why June 23 is a key moment for our anti-fracking movement

Through our amazingly dynamic and sustained campaigning of communities and the climate movement, we have been able to keep Britain frack free for t

Ethiopia submits carbon cutting plan for UN climate deal

NEWS: Sub-Saharan country eyes 64% emissions cut by 2030 on business-as-usual as it bids for carbon-neutrality in future

BP warns coal’s death is premature, predicts growth till 2035

NEWS: Coal use to grow for "long time to come", albeit at a slower pace as shale gas revolution shifts tectonic plates of world energy

Indian Railways joins national carbon cutting programme

COMMENT: World's largest rail network consumes more electricity than Sri Lanka, but is taking new steps to cut power use

Abellio Scotrail Cycle Innovation plan

Abellio’s exciting plan for bike/rail integration in Scotland is now public – just in time for our June 15 bike/rail public meeting…

Why compensation for climate change damage must be in the Paris agreement

Climate negotiations are a strange beast; lurking within what seem to be pages of dry, impenetrable text are proposals that could change the world.

UN finalises forest protection initiative at Bonn climate talks

NEWS: Rules for how REDD+ scheme will work are now agreed, work can start on ramping up projects say experts

European coal faces uncertain future as electricity demand falls

NEWS: Analysis of falling demand for electricity within the EU sends a stark warning to investors in new coal plants that their assets could be lef

Pax Christi celebrates woman peacemakers

Pat Gaffney was thanked for her 25 years as General Secretary of Pax Christi UK at Saturday’s AGM in London.


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Responding to Climate Change:

COMMENT: Genius behind idea of pledges was national ownership, but there are too many variables...

All We Can:

Often when I think about the elderly in our own society I’m conscious I have a sense of unease...


Edinburgh Trams is the first UK company, and Edinburgh City the first UK Council, to agree to...

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