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Local opposition to wind grows as EU leaders mull targets

Fairer share of wind power proceeds could help slow growth of opposition to wind turbines

Rain Pain Blame Game - our top 5 scapegoats

All rights reserved. Credit: unknown in ur base movin ur goalposts Image caption:  in ur base movin ur goalposts...

2014 Challenge Event Heroes

By Rebecca Branch

Obama and Hollande call for ‘ambitious’ 2015 climate agreement

Presidents of France and USA issue statement ahead of summit to discuss economy, security and global warming

CFBoA Feb 2014 Newsletter

UK Met Office links heavy rains to climate change

Scientists say evidence supports theory that exceptionally wet and stormy winter is caused at least in part by climate change

Vigil at Heysham Nuclear Power Station

‘No more Fukushimas; No more nuclear waste; No nuclear weapons’ 8th March 2014 On the 3rd anniversay of the nuclear incident at the Fukushima Daiic

Climate Change Debate at Church of England Synod

Columban JPIC (Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation) welcomes the debate on climate change and the environment taking place at the General

The Landless Workers Movement congress - in numbers

I have just spent the week at the MST congres, in Brasília, having spent a few days in São Paulo trying to get to grips with a city that has...

Storify: illegal wildlife trade - let them hear you roar


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Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Latest IPCC report to offer messages of danger and opportunity for governments as they...

A Rocha:

The book of Jonah is short and contains just one story.


Spokes has urged the Parliament’s ICI Committee to take a tougher line on active travel...

Winchester Action on Climate Change: