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Obama makes Arctic appeal for action on climate

NEWS: "This is a solvable problem if we start now," US president says at close of Glacier summit in Anchorage, Alaska

Countries divided on priorities for UN climate deal

NEWS: Lack of climate finance and inadequate carbon cuts headline concerns for developing countries at Bonn talks

Arctic climate summit: Do leaders love their children enough?

COMMENT: President Obama spoke of his daughters at the Glacier meeting in Alaska, but it was a cab driver whose words hit home

Arctic Council nations join US in pledging bold climate action

Former UN climate chief criticises Paris summit plans

NEWS: Yvo de Boer questions the French presidency approach of inviting world leaders to launch the two-week conference

The world’s largest tropical forest conservation programme – ARPA – reaches 99% of its goal

Arctic summit and interim talks heat up climate agenda

CRIB NOTES 31 AUG - 4 SEP: US president Barack Obama heads to Alaska, while climate negotiators meet in Bonn

Seven things to know about Monday’s Arctic climate summit

BLOG: US president Barack Obama is heading to the Glacier meet in Alaska on Monday, but what is it and why does it matter?

Obama heads to Arctic to hammer climate message

NEWS: President to use Alaska meeting to address melting Arctic's challenges and forge ahead on global climate deal talks

Banging the drum over pay

“Most of us are women, and lots of us are single parents, so it was a massive decision to go on strike”.


Member stories


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John Ray Initiative:

For the last few months JRI Operations Director, Dr Martin Hodson, has been looking into Donald...


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