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Obama plan offers UN climate boost as Russia claims the Arctic

WEEKLY WRAP: All you need to know from the last seven days of international climate change and energy politics

10 green tests for Labour leadership candidates

In its 100 days of office the new Government has launched a senseless attack on environmental policies.

Glacier melt hits record levels, report Zurich-based monitors

NEWS: Scientists say many glaciers are melting faster than ever − and many will continue to do so even if climate change can be stabilised

The work must go on in Burundi

Despite political instability and violence, All We Can’s partners are continuing to help people in one of the world’s poorest countries to fulfil t

Trinidad and Tobago outlines $2 billion climate plan

NEWS: Green Climate Fund and other sources need to pick up bill for 15% cuts across three sectors, says Caribbean government

What impact will Obama climate plan have on Paris summit?

ANALYSIS: Targets set by the US for cutting carbon emissions send a clear signal to the rest of the world and raise hopes for Paris accord

Climate quiz: Test your geography knowledge

QUIZ: Which country has the biggest wind farm, the most dramatic climate negotiator or the world record for tree-planting?

BBC lost at sea as Radio 4 mocks climate change science

BLOG: Science drenched with a water pistol as sceptical MPs and weathermen line up to bash Met Office

Ban Ki-moon: No more Hiroshimas. No more Nagasakis

The UN Secretary-General calls on states to mark the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Japan by the US by realising a world free of nuclear

Poland’s resurging right bids to stem coal decline

NEWS: Incoming president Andrzej Duda's Law & Justice party wants to rescue ailing mines, in a break from EU low carbon agenda


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A parliamentary committee has published evidence submitted by UNA-UK to an inquiry examining the...


UNISON and social work campaigners have urged to the government to scrap part of its Children...

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Cardinal Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster and President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of...

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