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Climate change will affect wildlife and communities says IPCC report, but we still have time to act

Swiss RE calls for adaptation drive as extreme weather events rise

NEWS: Insurers on the frontline of climate change say more investment is needed in resilient infrastructure

White House launches drive to cut methane emissions

NEWS: New strategy could reduce US greenhouse gas emissions by 1% by 2020, says White House

Earth Hour: around the world in 10 celebrations

Earth Hour is on Saturday at 8.30pm. Who is celebrating it the best?

MENASOL 2014 (Middle East & North Africa Solar Conference & Expo)

Find out exactly how you can realise the opportunities for your CSP business in Saudi Arabia now with this premium content

US Senate’s 66 votes should not shape global climate talks

COMMENT: Climate realists say a legally binding UN deal won't work - but they're on the wrong side of history says E3G's Liz Gallagher

UNA-UK participates in meeting with UNA-Sweden

On 23 March, UNA-UK's Responsibility to Protect Programme Officer, Alexandra Buskie, participated in an event organised by

Climate change will hike air pollution deaths says UN study

IPCC: Pollen, smoke and ozone levels likely to increase in warming world, affecting health of residents in major cities

Wind energy could boost Ireland’s economy by €500m a year – report

Wind energy in Ireland good for security, economy jobs - and potentially the UK's own targets, says new report

EU institutions join 157 countries for WWF's Earth Hour 2014


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Sea ice levels showing signs of recovery, but rising temperatures spell radical change for...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

UN member states have reached a draft climate agreement after two weeks of talks at the UN...

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