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UK out, Chile in to renewable investment top 10

NEWS: British cuts to clean energy support have baffled financiers, says consultancy EY, while Santiago has a winning strategy

Meet the climate hypocrites of big business

NEWS: Boeing, BMW, and EDF among 45 major companies whose green claims and pro-fossil fuel lobby group links don't add up

Reaction: Annual Arctic sea ice minimum reached; fourth lowest on record

‘Predictioneers’ forecast Paris climate talks outcome with game theory

NEWS: What will countries agree to at this December's critical UN summit? Researchers are mapping the likely outcome

‘Draconian’ trade union bill passes second reading

The government’s controversial trade union bill, which will seriously curtail unions’ ability to take industrial action, has passed its second read

EU policy ‘blind spots’ to hit credibility in Paris

NEWS: Brussels has yet to account for 'staggering' 6 billion tonnes of carbon cuts in post-2020 target, CAN-Europe warns

‘This is our time to smash the consensus’

Speaking today (Tuesday) at the 147th Congress in Brighton, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said:

US, China to outline new climate cooperation package

NEWS: World's top carbon polluters to sign declaration binding cities and states to a raft of green policies like carbon cuts

Columban missionaries call for “concrete hope” to address Europe’s Refugee Crisis

In response to the ongoing crisis, the General Council of the Missionary Society of Saint Columban has issued the following statement:.

School Devastated By Myanmar Floods

Fr. Neil Magill has sent to us a heart-wrenching e-mail from Myanmar priest Fr.


Member stories

Columban JPIC:

The Mass for Migrants took place on 20 May at St Anthony’s in Forest Gate.


The motion calling for government action on the reductions in promised bike space on the new HST...

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