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Why does the meat industry escape climate scrutiny?

COMMENT: Rising consumption of meat and dairy has a huge impact on global warming - yet the desire to address this is lamentable

The Emissions Factor Podcast: Is optimism ahead of Paris justified?

PODCAST: This week Ed King is joined by Richard Black, Farhana Yamin and Lisa Friedman - plus an interview with Connie Hedegaard

Extreme weather events of 2015: Is climate change to blame?

NEWS: Record temperatures, heatwaves and a brewing El Nino are making this year one of the more unusual in recent history

DRC climate plan ‘leaves laggards with no excuse’

INTERVIEW: If conflict-riven state can forge a carbon-cutting strategy then so can others says Kinshasa's lead climate diplomat

Weekly wrap: Coal, coal, coal… and Islam

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Brazil backs long term zero carbon goal as Merkel visits

NEWS: President Dilma Rousseff declared support for G7 stance on emissions phase-out after receiving German leader in Brasilia

WWF-South Africa: Government's draft climate plan needs targets that see emissions fall faster and more sharply

Obama stakes claim to Paris climate legacy

NEWS: US president is pulling out all the stops for a global pact as quiver of climate policies unveiled at home

Oil companies register UN climate commitments

NEWS: Plans to tackle potent greenhouse gas emissions uploaded to global portal as oil industry takes first steps towards Paris deal

What sort of man picks a fight with this digger?

And this is Stephan Pütz from Immerath, West Germany. A man who's been fighting coal mines on his doorstep for over 25 years.  


Member stories


Yesterday in Parliament, Labour MP Melanie Onn took a significant step to try and protect all...

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I always remember a scene in the film Forrest Gump where Gump describes the rain facing him in...

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