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Greener cities deal better with urban heat

NEWS: As more people live in cities, researchers find denser settlements with more green spaces are best for wellbeing

UNISON’s NEC nominates Dave Prentis in general secretary election

UNISON’s national executive council (NEC) today voted overwhelmingly to nominate Dave Prentis in the upcoming general secretary election.

Google lays bare overlooked deforestation ‘hotspots’

NEWS: Search giant and researchers map emerging clusters of tropical forest loss in Southeast Asia, South America and Africa

Why did I get involved?

There are over 40,000 UNISON activists working hard to look after their colleagues at work.

Cash for cycling – or for trunk roads?

UK Chancellor George Osborne, whilst cutting public transport and active travel, has in effect ring-fenced the cash for trunk road construction.  W

Stars in our schools

A school should be a safe and happy place for children to learn.

Climate pledges do little to cap warming to 2C target

NEWS: Countries must pledge deeper emissions cuts as early as 2025 to hold temperature rise within safe levels, says Climate Action Tracker

Emma Thompson to break Shell injunction in Arctic drilling protest

Emma Thompson joins gigantic polar bear in mass protest at Shell’s Southbank HQ

Investors urge businesses to quit climate-unfriendly EU lobby groups

NEWS: Nine companies including Glencore, Rio Tinto and BP targeted over membership of Brussels trade body Business Europe


Member stories

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