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Chevron’s US media strategy: write the headlines

NEWS: Oil giant created its own local news outlet in 2014, determined to have its voice heard at home to key refinery

Fossil fuels are the ‘enemy’, OECD chief tells Addis finance meet

NEWS: Question of how best to fund climate change action dominates UN financing for development summit

Emission Trading System: Post-2020 reform must be rescued from redundancy

Illegal logging resurges on Chinese timber demand – report

NEWS: US and EU border controls have less influence on illicit trade as demand shifts to emerging economies, finds Chatham House

India, Australia to post climate pledges in August – sources

NEWS: Major carbon polluters set timelines for draft contributions to UN global climate pact

Battle over carbon freebies ahead of EU policy launch

NEWS: As heavy industries lobby for carbon price relief, experts warn against weakening flagship EU climate policy

Pakistan, Bangladesh face ‘state failure’ as globe heats up

NEWS: Study compiled by US, UK, China and India experts underlines migration threat from warming world

Brazil mega-dam ‘disaster’ for tribes as it nears completion

NEWS: Controversial Belo Monte dam project has failed to meet conditions to win its license, say environmental groups

How El Nino is delaying your flight and upping emissions

NEWS: Flying west? A warmer Pacific is speeding up air currents, burning $3bn a year in extra fuel and CO2, study finds

8 lessons from a climate change tour of the US

From Washington to Hawaii: It's no use waiting for consensus, cowboys don't get it and change isn't easy, even in paradise


Member stories

All We Can:

The World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), held in Istanbul on 23-24 May, marked the first time the...


By now many of you will have seen the images of a boat tipped over with its hull...


UNA-UK co-hosted Europe's largest gathering to celebrate the International Day of UN...

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