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VIDEO: Barack Obama presents US clean power plan

VIDEO: US president calls for tough global action on climate change as he outlines new carbon cutting clean power plan

Climate cure worse than disease for US water stress – study

NEWS: Bioenergy crops need more irrigation and will put pressure on water resources, models show

Coal is choking India’s cities, economy and the world’s climate

NEWS: New Climate Economy report urges New Delhi government to ease finance for renewables and cut reliance on polluting fuels

Paralysed by uncertainty? Index mooted to solve climate dilemma

NEWS: Setting pace of emissions cuts by observed warming could see off climate policy objections, say UK researchers

Chancellor’s letter on public sector cuts: UNISON responds

Commenting on Osborne’s letter to public sector workers asking them to find ways to save money, UNISON General Secretar

Climate change elevates threat of wildfires

NEWS: Vegetation across the globe is drying and rain patterns wavering as the chance of wildfire spreads in a warming planet

Obama's energy plan in stark contrast with Cameron's green U-turn

11 events that will shape the 2015 climate deal

NEWS: It's crunch time. Here are the stepping stones to an international climate change deal 200 nations are expected to sign

UNISON joins social work campaign

UK social work organisations have agreed to campaign collectively to safeguard their profession – and the people who rely on them in a time of need

George Osborne wants to know how to ‘get more for less’

The Chancellor George Osborne has just sent an open letter to all public sector workers asking how they can “get more for less.”


Member stories


Following the UK's vote to leave the EU, the UN Secretary-General has affirmed that the UK will...

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