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‘Creative accounting’ means New Zealand emissions could rise – analysts

NEWS: Wellington's climate pledge is 'inadequate' to hold global temperature rise to 2C, says Climate Action Tracker

Columbans at Proclaim ’15

The Columbans in Britain are sharing their experience of evangelisation in Britain and in other countries with delegates at the National Evangelisa

How do scientists rate the prospect of a global climate deal?

ANALYSIS: 2,000 of science’s best minds mingled this week in the last meeting of its size before December's crunch Paris summit

Offshore wind and rooftop solar buck clean investment downturn

NEWS: Investors plugged US$53 billion into renewables last quarter, says Bloomberg, down 28% on the same period in 2014

Green fund controversy, IPCC race and deep denial

WEEKLY WRAP: All you need to know from the last seven days of international climate change and energy politics

Tuvalu PM warns against suing oil majors for climate damage

NEWS: Litigation mooted by neighbour Vanuatu undermines UN climate deal chances, leader of low-lying Pacific island says

‘Green economy’ route out of financial slump – Stiglitz

NEWS: Liberal economist and austerity critic says pricing pollution part of package to enhance growth

Beyond fracking, from Balcombe to Lancashire

by-nc. Credit: 10:10UK RepowerBalcombe members launch their solar coop Image caption:  RepowerBalcombe members...

New Zealand CAN do more to cut emissions – here’s how

COMMENT: Government claims the country can do little more to green its electricity sector are not true, say leading academics

Climate change is killing off bumblebees – study

NEWS: Critical pollinators of natural world are becoming less common as warmer temperatures squeeze their territory


Member stories

All We Can:

The World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), held in Istanbul on 23-24 May, marked the first time the...


By now many of you will have seen the images of a boat tipped over with its hull...


UNA-UK co-hosted Europe's largest gathering to celebrate the International Day of UN...

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