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Cycling (and driving) in the rain

Our November traffic count encountered the dreichest day of any count, and bike use fell 11% from last year’s dry and mild November count.  But cyc

A conversation about climate change

Schools need teaching assistant standards

Following the government’s decision in October not to publish teaching assistant professional standards, UNISON wrote to Nick Gibb, minister for sc

Time for the stars in our schools

On Friday 27 November – or any time from now to the end of November that fits with school plans – UNISON will be celebrating the Stars in our Schoo

UNISON general secretary shows support for London Ambulance Service members

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis today (Tuesday) showed his support for London Ambulance Service (LAS) UNISON members as they face unprecedent

Sixth form college employers make final offer

Negotiations on the 2015/6 pay round have concluded and the sixth form college employer’s (SFCA) have made a final offer of:

Sheffield Metropolitan branch general secretary nomination

Since the voting packs were printed, it has come to light that there was a failure to process a nomination form from Sheffield Metropolitan local g

EU weakens its alliance with vulnerable countries


Energy transition will falter if country climate pledges are not increased

5 things you need to know about the Paris climate talks, COP21

1.  What is COP21? Between 30 November and 11 December 2015 a bunch of politicians and global leaders from over 190 countries will be involved in...


Member stories


Another hugely enjoyable Bike Breakfast for the many people who came along on their way to work...

John Ray Initiative:

The tale of our world – why there’s no room for heroes or villains If research into the...

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