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Members rally for the right to strike in Newcastle

Over 140 people attended a rally for the right to strike held in Newcastle by The Northern Public Services Alliance and the Northern TUC on 9 Septe

UNISON launches survey of chief officers and senior managers in local government

UNISON is urging chief officers and senior managers working in local government to complete an online survey on a range of issues.

Campaign against TTIP gains momentum

The campaign against the EU-US trade deal TTIP – which threatens democracy, local services and environment protection – is gaining momentum through

Australia PM Tony Abbott ousted by Malcolm Turnbull

NEWS: After a dramatic vote, leadership change is expected to bring more progressive stance on climate and carbon pricing

California feels the heat of record wildfires

NEWS: A state of emergency has been declared in two regions as long-running drought and heatwave combine to spark blazes

EU to discuss strategy for Paris climate change summit

CRIB NOTES SEPT 14-18: Brussels to outline COP21 plans, General Assembly gathers in NYC, WWF releases global oceans study

UNISON comment on Jeremy Corbyn winning the Labour leadership election

Commenting on the Labour leadership result today (Saturday), UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said: 

Columban Missionaries Offer ‘Concrete Hope’ in the Face of Refugee Crisis in Europe

Columban Missionaries Offer ‘Concrete Hope’ in the Face of Refugee Crisis in Europe HONG KONG.

Burn all fossil fuels and New York drowns – study

NEWS: Exploiting global reserves would melt all Antarctica and jack up sea levels by 50m. Though it would take 10,000 years

Pacific islanders blast Australian minister over rising seas jibe

NEWS: Marshall Islands foreign minister Tony de Brum criticises Peter Dutton for "insensitive" remarks, in week of tension on climate


Member stories

Columban JPIC:

  “The Church is there for life, not for profit” a Columban priest and CAFOD partner told the...


From a sustainable transport perspective – and indeed a general sustainability perspective – the...

John Ray Initiative:

It is now just over a month since I attended the Malvern 2017 Conference at St.

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