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Green urban infrastructure could save $17trn by 2050

NEWS: Public transport, efficient buildings and recycling investments pay off in energy savings, New Climate Economy report shows

UN climate officials chide Ban Ki-moon for ‘snail’s pace’ jibe

ANALYSIS: Fears progress slow towards global pact unfounded, say co-chairs as countries agree to let them slim down draft text

Ecuador seeks to unite Latin America behind climate justice crusade

NEWS: Fragmented continent poised to rally around joint accord in November, envoy Daniel Ortega Pacheco reveals

UNISON at the Burston school strike rally


How peace with rebels sculpts Colombia’s climate pledge

NEWS: Country wary that end of 50-year armed conflict could bring spike in deforestation, as it submits contribution to the UN

Northern Ireland regional committee nominates Dave Prentis in general secretary election

At a meeting on Friday 4 September the Northern Ireland regional committee nominated Dave Prentis for general secretary in the forthcoming general

The Emissions Factor: Bonn climate talks review

PODCAST: Ed King is joined by Michael Jacobs, Pilita Clark plus we hear from Christiana Figueres, Laurence Tubiana and Dan Reifsnyder

Why coal is not amazing, in 15 tweets

BLOG: "Little black rock" advertising campaign by the Minerals Council of Australia is derided on social media

Small forest users can outcompete agribusiness – study

NEWS: Finance must flow to local enterprises to slow deforestation and internal displacement wrought by clearance for agriculture, report says

Rich countries discuss $100bn climate finance pathway

CRIB NOTES SEPT 7-11: Criteria for climate funds defined, ministers discuss loss + damage, Pacific leaders gather in PNG


Member stories

John Ray Initiative:

Well the election roller coaster is nearly over and the media pundits and political leaders pick...


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Columban JPIC:

The National Justice & Peace Network of England & Wales (NJPN) annual conference will be...

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