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Andy Murray sports the panda at the US Open

Want to show your opposition to fracking? Get started with these materials and resources

Philippines is excluding vulnerable voices from climate consultation

COMMENT: Government is ignoring the people hardest hit by global warming with unambitious and insincere national pledge

Peruvian relatives of murdered forest defenders win land title

NEWS: A year after four Ashéninka men were killed by illegal loggers, their community has secured rights to the territory

Government’s claim of pay rise in NHS all smoke and mirrors says UNISON

UNISON has today slammed the government over a Treasury letter to the chair of the public sector Pay Review Bodies (PRB) – including the NHS PRB –

8 ways to cut the carbon footprint of your dinner

BLOG: From farm to plate, food accounts for up to a third of global emissions - so how can you limit the impact?

Hi-res models capture West Antarctic ice melt danger

NEWS: Precision mapping of melting glaciers can help predict potentially calamitous effects on sea levels, say scientists

Bolivia plans anti-capitalist climate summit to sway Paris

NEWS: South American firebrand Evo Morales is organising an October meeting to discuss capitalism's destruction of the environment

Opinion: The walrus in the room

Financial gatekeepers are blocking green investment – study

NEWS: Pension funds and investment consultants are passive on climate risk and locked into short-termism, say researchers


Member stories

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