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World Bank boosts Solomon Islands adaption efforts with $9.1m grant

NEWS: World Bank funds will go towards early warning systems and community projects in vulnerable island nation

UN climate panel answers 11 key questions on its latest report

BLOG: Scientists working on the IPCC's latest study answer questions on adaptation, positives from warming and timeframes

Kill the cheeseburgers to stop global warming – report

NEWS: Scientists say public must stop eating so much meat and dairy produce, citing rising levels of carbon pollution from industry

US, China and EU agree to cooperate on UN climate treaty

NEWS: High-level meetings at the EU see world's three largest emitters agree to strengthen discussions on 2015 Paris treaty

China’s Hubei province launches carbon market

NEWS: China's sixth regional carbon market prepares further ground for a national carbon market

Whole world to experience climate chaos

The whole world is set to experience climate chaos according to a new report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change (IPCC). The...

Backing fracking instead of wind farms will undermine UK energy security

Columbans support new ‘Joy in Enough’ project

‘Joy in Enough’ Christian manifesto: economics, as if people and the planet mattered Green Christians have launched a two-year programme to develop

Rajendra Pachauri: adaptation only works alongside carbon cuts

INTERVIEW: Chair of UN's IPCC science panel tells RTCC calls to focus exclusively on coping with climate change are misplaced

Do governments need clearer climate messages from the IPCC?

ANALYSIS: UN climate panel only reports ‘facts’, but is it time to make clearer the implications for policy?


Member stories

Columban JPIC:

On Wednesday 7th January 2015, Jason Antiquiera was ordained as a Columban missionary priest.

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Cross-party committee of MPs argues government dash for shale gas is incompatible with...


The UK Government has indicated its support for an improvement to the process for appointing the...

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