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Parish visit to St John Lloyd, Cardiff & Blessed Sacrament, Rumney.

Parish visit to St John Lloyd, Cardiff & Blessed Sacrament, Rumney, Archdiocese of Cardiff, by Fr. John Keenan SSC

International agreement restricts fishing in Arctic Ocean - Greenpeace reaction

‘Job started’ in Addis but more development cash needed

ANALYSIS: No new money pledged for world's poor at key summit, casting climate goals into question

‘Rude’ and ‘touchy’ climate sceptics losing UK battle, says Lord Deben

INTERVIEW: Conservative peer questions Lord Lawson’s care for poor, claims his budgets while chancellor suggest otherwise

How cutting food waste could help the climate

ANALYSIS: The world’s gluttony is gushing carbon. Is it time to dial down excess and combat climate change?

Scientists warn against geoengineering as short-term climate fix

NEWS: ‘Irresponsible’ to rely on techniques to strip carbon or reflect sunlight to slow global warming, EU analysis concludes

UK questioned about the Human Rights Act

UK reviewed by the UN on implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Countries adopt development finance deal in Addis Ababa

NEWS: Increasing cash available to poor countries seen as key to global climate deal, but NGOs say rich are not stepping up

Fishing ban for central Arctic needs support beyond central Arctic

Exxon and Chevron prone to ‘groupthink’ on climate – study

NEWS: Lack of diversity on boards makes US oil majors particularly liable to ignore carbon risk, find Oxford University researchers


Member stories


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Columban JPIC:

Cardinal Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster and President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of...

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