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UN prepares for disaster deal to address climate change risk

ANALYSIS: Proposed new UN-backed framework to help countries prepare for future extreme weather events in a warming world

Contemplative Activists: living in God’s heart for justice today

Ruth Valerio Greg Valerio

Columban J&P Education at FLAME 2

Columban J&P worker James Trewby and intern Anna Brown will be playing important roles in making Saturday’s FLAME 2 event successful.

So, why did the Met Police come sniffing round our banner-making workshop?

A funny thing happened yesterday.

UN: African Robin Hood tax could fund climate adaptation efforts

NEWS: Tax on finance, trade and tourism could net estimated $13 billion a year to help countries face expected extreme weather impacts

EU vows to preserve climate ambition in use of forests

NEWS: Climate Commissioner Canete tells RTCC there will be "no backsliding" from current climate commitments

UNA-UK sends human rights petition to Party Leaders

More than 600 UNA-UK members and supporters signed petition championing human rights

Time to Act: March with us against fracking

We’re growing in waves. More and more people are realising that the F word is a dirty word.

Global warming raises California’s drought vulnerability

NEWS: US researchers say climate change, not random chance, is likely to be causing California's long drought, one of the worst on record

Forest reception tackles timber trade and deforestation


Member stories


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