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Our World Our Share - launch of a major debate

India PM Modi targets “saffron” revolution for solar energy

NEWS: Government plan offers prospect of solar boost, but gas, coal and oil likely to remain part of long-term energy mix

MPs agree on ‘blueprint’ for UN climate deal in 2015

NEWS: Domestic laws should be 'at the heart' of Paris agreement, say 400 lawmakers from 80 countries

Transnational capital is the real economic migrant

UK-wide protests planned ahead of July trade negotiations

Venezuela urges civil society to boost “boring” UN talks

NEWS: Caracas government to focus on social impacts of climate change ahead of UN Lima conference

Biblical Ecotheology – Beyond Proof-texting by Keith Innes

Keith Innes

Chinese ‘carbon cap’ unlikely to reduce emissions

NEWS: Rumoured peak in Chinese emissions would still be insufficient to put China on 2C pathway


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Related deaths and diseases cost European economies $1.6 trillion a year, World Health...

Columban JPIC:

As the world celebrated Earth Day on April 22, a day to celebrate our work for wholeness,...


The UK has spoken out in favour of a fairer, more inclusive process to select the UN Secretary-...

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