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IPCC report: Gas just a short term fix to cut CO2 levels

ANALYSIS: Shale gas can help address climate change say UN panel, but will have to be cut substantially by 2050

Transforming world's energy systems an urgent necessity

UN report presents new climate challenge to Scotland

Scotland's biggest civil society coalition says a new hard-hitting UN report shows that the country needs to take further action to fulfil the pr

UN: Radical action needed to avert climate catastrophe

NEWS: IPCC warns swift transition to renewables needed to avoid dangerous temperature rise, but changes are affordable

IPCC WG3: Reaction as UN launches third climate report

NEWS: Views from John Kerry, Christiana Figueres, Ed Davey plus leading NGOs and business groups

News: IPCC Climate Report - time to get out of fossil fuels

Reacting to the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report setting out the pathways the world must take to avoid climate dis

WinACC's response to the Silver Hill consultation

Confusion over climate costs undermined IPCC message

ANALYSIS: Image of scientists bickering with Richard Tol weakened public perception of consensus within IPCC

400ppm: the milestone that puts Earth in the “danger zone”

FEATURE: The Earth entered uncharted territory when CO2 levels hit 400ppm for the first time. So what does the milestone mean?

General Assembly agrees to strengthen UN human rights system

The General Assembly has passed a resolution seeking to strengthen the UN's human rights monitoring and reporting.


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: In discussion paper issued by UK's central bank, finance world considers how it could...


All rights reserved. Credit: ©Cobbing/Greenpeace A young polar bear cub becomes...

UNA-UK's Chairman, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, spoke to BBC World Service presenter Dan Damon about a...

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