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8 ways to cut the carbon footprint of your dinner

BLOG: From farm to plate, food accounts for up to a third of global emissions - so how can you limit the impact?

Hi-res models capture West Antarctic ice melt danger

NEWS: Precision mapping of melting glaciers can help predict potentially calamitous effects on sea levels, say scientists

Bolivia plans anti-capitalist climate summit to sway Paris

NEWS: South American firebrand Evo Morales is organising an October meeting to discuss capitalism's destruction of the environment

Opinion: The walrus in the room

Financial gatekeepers are blocking green investment – study

NEWS: Pension funds and investment consultants are passive on climate risk and locked into short-termism, say researchers

What will a decent climate finance package in Paris look like?

ANALYSIS: It's one of the major bottlenecks to a robust agreement in Paris. We asked six experts what's in store

Russia, Ukraine dodgy carbon offsets cost the climate – study

NEWS: UN-backed scheme increased greenhouse gas emissions by 600Mt CO2e, researchers have found, due to accounting flaws

Join us in Manchester

This coming weekend is the August bank holiday and autumn still seems a long way away.

The Requiem for Arctic Ice just got louder

by-nc. Credit: Greenpeace On a quiet Tuesday morning in August, as Shell's Goliath-like London headquarters was waking up and getting...

India primed for renewables spurt in climate plan

NEWS: World's fourth-largest carbon polluter could target 300GW of clean capacity by 2030 in anticipated pledge to UN deal


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This week will see the publication of the draft Scottish Budget
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Prayers of the faithful 2nd Advent Sunday (year B) (the following may be copied and modified as...

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