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Ditching China’s coal addiction will take decades, warns expert

NEWS: Despite renewables growth, top energy expert Yufeng Yang predicts slow reduction in China's emissions 2030-2050

UNDP delegates discuss the future of development at UN APPG meeting

Attended by parliamentarians and members of civil society, the meeting explored the future of international development as the world transitions fr

Countdown to the Environment Encyclical

Ellen Teague of the Columban JPIC team in Britain has written a ‘countdown’ series every day for ten day in the lead-up to the publication of the e

EU energy roadmap more cost effective for South East Europe than current policies, shows new energy model

‘Moisture mill’ shows clean energy potential of evaporation

NEWS: US scientists have harnessed humidity in the lab to run a toy car and flashing light and say the technology could scale up

Speak up for climate - message your MP

Get in touch with your MP   

Peru climate pledge hinges on forests wager

NEWS: Amazon country pins two-thirds of draft carbon-cutting target on halting deforestation, but critics question government's resolve

Funds lacking to help poor tackle climate impacts, says World Bank

NEWS: Not enough cash is flowing to boost resilience in the face of sea level rise and weather extremes, development banks warn

JUNE Seasonal Food: Courgette, Pea, Mint and Feta Garden Tart

There’s nothing more satisfying that eating something delicious that you’ve grown yourself. At WEN, that’s basically our mantra!

JPIC Policy Statements of the Columban Missionary Society

Click here for Columban policy statements on:       CLIMATE CHANGE MIGRATION, EXTRACTIVES


Member stories


On 21 July, the UN Security Council held its first meeting to discuss candidates for the next UN...


Statement attributable to Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Syria Representative, on attacks in Qamishli and...


It used to take Judith Montgomery three and a half hours to earn two hours’ pay....

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