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20 years after Rwanda: UNA-UK reflects on R2P

UNA-UK's Chairman, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, writes on the Security Council and the future of intervention.

Human Rights Council mandates investigation into Sri Lanka war crimes

The Council has asked the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to investigate war crimes allegations that remain unaddressed nearly five years aft

Breaking up Big 6 stranglehold key to unlock better energy future

Crop benefits of higher CO2 may fall short – IPCC

Extra CO2 in the atmosphere may produce larger yields of crops, they will be less nutritious, says UN science report

Ban Ki-moon urges end to climate change ‘silence’

NEWS: Speaking during Greenland visit, UN Secretary General says he wants to work closely with world leaders on climate issue

UN reaches "milestone" agreement on gender and development

The Commission on the Status of Women concludes its work with strong call for gender equality to underpin any future development framework.

Some 15% of Pacific islands wiped out by 1m sea level rise – IPCC

NEWS: New UN science study will say 1.3 metres sea level rise 'locked in' over next two thousand years

UNA-UK featured in Defence Committee report on Nuclear Deterrence

Published today, the Committee's report says "UNA-UK told us that the nuclear deterrent provided no benefit in managing the asymmetric threats pose

Arctic shipping lanes open for four months by 2050 – IPCC

NEWS: Shorter shipping route could cut emissions and the costs of trade, but with increased environmental risks

Climate change is world’s ‘gravest security threat’ – report

RESEARCH: Climate change is a rare common ground for environmentalists and the military, who both warn of growing violence


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