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Arctic summit and interim talks heat up climate agenda

CRIB NOTES 31 AUG - 4 SEP: US president Barack Obama heads to Alaska, while climate negotiators meet in Bonn

Seven things to know about Monday’s Arctic climate summit

BLOG: US president Barack Obama is heading to the Glacier meet in Alaska on Monday, but what is it and why does it matter?

Obama heads to Arctic to hammer climate message

NEWS: President to use Alaska meeting to address melting Arctic's challenges and forge ahead on global climate deal talks

Banging the drum over pay

“Most of us are women, and lots of us are single parents, so it was a massive decision to go on strike”.

Quiz: Food, farming and climate change

QUIZ: Test your knowledge of the environmental impact of food around the world

Weekly wrap: Bonn briefing, food and farming

WEEKLY WRAP: This week’s top climate politics and policy stories. Sign up here to have our Friday briefing sent to your inbox

Mexico’s dragging energy reforms threaten green reputation

NEWS: Developing country was hailed for early climate pledge, but the Senate is being slow to sign off crucial renewables law

Climate negotiators urged to up pace at Bonn session

ANALYSIS: As politicians converge on substantive issues, interim talks next week must address the legal structure of a global deal


Pope Francis has decided to set up a “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation” which will be celebrated on 1st September annually.

Paris climate agreement can’t leave behind the most vulnerable

COMMENT: If politics of pollution continue to trump rights of those most exposed to climate change, UN summit could be explosive