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Headteacher backs campaign to let all schools have solar panels

Kate is the headteacher of Wheatley Park School in Holton, Oxford, a mixed secondary academy with 1,006 pupils.

We can all be inspired by Edinburgh student's fossil free win

I caught up with the Edinburgh students at Wednesday’s rally for the climate outside the Scottish Parliament to find out and what happened and how

Ignoring carbon risk is ‘gross negligence’ – pensions chief

NEWS: Money managers will face lawsuits if they fail to confront climate impact of fossil fuel holdings, warns ERAFP boss Philippe Desfosses

India heat wave kills 1,500 in taste of climate change impacts

NEWS: Extremes of heat and rainfall are becoming more common with human caused global warming, scientists warn

NGOs cry ‘greenwash’ over Paris climate talk sponsors

NEWS: Companies including Air France, Renault-Nissan and Suez Environnement will foot 20% of €187,000 bill for critical summit

Saudi Arabia solar power exports ‘absolutely realistic’

NEWS: Desert state has abundance of sunshine and could produce more than it consumes, says power company boss

Should we stay in the EU?

Back when Britain’s beaches were awash with sewage, acid rain gasses belched from our power stations and our drinking water was contaminated with a

Europe needs new energy policy as nuclear giants stumble

ANALYSIS: French-led nuclear industry faces unpromising future after string of technical faults, cost overruns and delays

World Bank sets methane price floor to cut emissions

NEWS: Initiative aims to drive investment in bioenergy and waste management in poor countries, limiting potent greenhouse gas emissions

Norway $900bn oil fund set to ditch coal shares

NEWS: Coal-heavy power utilities and mining companies are in the firing line as lawmakers endorse biggest fossil divestment push to date


Member stories


Following the UK's vote to leave the EU, the UN Secretary-General has affirmed that the UK will...

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Monday 27 June 2016

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