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John Ashton: Fracking push is an insult to democracy

COMMENT: The government's enthusiasm for fracking ignores the will of the people, says the UK's former climate envoy

US-India deal boosts nuclear and solar but is quiet on coal

ANALYSIS: US president Barack Obama's visit to India yielded some technical progress on clean energy, but little on climate change

Frackgate: Osborne in fracking scandal

Please sign and share our petition against fracking in Lancashire and the rest of the UK – time is running out.

UK government pledges to consult scientists on fracking

NEWS: Shale gas exploration will only be approved if independent committee says it is compatible with climate goals

The oil price crash and climate change

Related, over the last 6 months the world oil price has crashed, catching almost all economists and analysts by surprise.

10 reasons why now's the time to say no to fracking

Sign our "no fracking" petition

Tate reveals “embarrassingly small” scale of BP sponsorship

NEWS: British galleries criticised for "unnecessary" link to oil company after contribution revealed as just 0.5% of income

Met Office: 2014 ties with 2010 for hottest year

NEWS: UK meteorological agency joins NASA, NOAA and Japanese forecasters in saying global temperatures hit record high in 2014

A Chapter In My Life

On Wednesday 7th January 2015, Jason Antiquiera was ordained as a Columban missionary priest.

UK lawmakers make climate case for fracking ban

NEWS: Cross-party committee of MPs argues government dash for shale gas is incompatible with emissions goals


Member stories


Commenting on the news today (Friday) that the government has abandoned its plans to force all...


The surprise Holyrood ‘no overall majority’ election result brings a glimmer of new hope for...

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