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Why should you care about the Sustainable Development Goals?

ANALYSIS: Revamped version of Millennium poverty-busting plan can protect the climate, but experts say it needs cash

Say no to fracking, New York officials tell Lancashire Council

Sign the petition to keep Lancashire frack free

Australia military ‘unprepared’ for climate impacts – experts

CRIB NOTES JUNE 22-26: Canberra drops defence brief, UK debates fracking, SDGs dominate in NY and FormulaE hits London

Laudato Si- the Pope’s encyclical

It cannot have escaped your notice, but on Thursday 18th June 2015, Pope Francis published his long-awaited encyclical “Laudato Si” on the environm

After the Pope’s plea, what do other faiths think on climate?

ANALYSIS: Scholars from Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and leading evangelicals explain why the environment matters to their religion

India blames heatwave deaths on climate change

NEWS: Fierce temperatures in India doubled the heat-related deaths normally recorded in May − and the government insists natural causes are not to

Is avoiding 2C of global warming possible?

VIDEO: Models that suggest the world can rapidly cut CO2 emissions are optimistic, says CICERO's Glen Peters

Great 2015 SpokesBB. Next year #SpokesBB!!

Industry claims that shale gas will bring jobs to Lancashire just more hot air

All rights reserved. Credit: n/a The North West Energy Task Force has been at it again. In the final days before Lancashire Council...

Is Russia moving towards a fracking future?

NEWS: US fracking has challenged the Kremlin's hold on the global gas market and Russia is keen to regain its share, say analysts


Member stories

Columban JPIC:

The Mass for Migrants took place on 20 May at St Anthony’s in Forest Gate.


The motion calling for government action on the reductions in promised bike space on the new HST...

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