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EU Parliament gives strong backing to carbon capture

MEPs back plans to boost funding for technology that could radically cut carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels

Green scheme for businesses in Winchester

Mohamed Nasheed: climate denying Conservatives “risk irrelevancy”

Former Maldives President says right wing parties "risk irrelevancy" if they continue to promote climate denial

Useful video on carrying out a DIY home energy efficiency audit

Cameron pledges business rate boost for fracking

Swiss wildlife heads up the Alps to escape warming

Wildlife in Switzerland seeking relief from warming temperatures by moving further up the mountainsides is proving surprisingly mobile

Northeastern US states tighten carbon trading scheme

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative announces 45% cut in size of emissions cap in bid to boost market prices

Google enters smart grid market with $3.2bn Nest deal

Tuesday's top 5: Tech giant's purchase of smart thermostat company a boost for smart grids, Peruvian government to push ahead with Amazon drilling,

Fossil fuel giants face ‘climate stress test’ call at UN summit

New York 'climate risk' meeting will call on oil majors to evaluate size of carbon reserves that are incompatible with warming world

US coal industry faces scrutiny after West Virginia chemical spill

Over 300,000 residents forced to use bottled water and avoid showers due to widespread contamination of West Virginia river


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Low carbon leadership essential to protect country's economic future, says Sir David King...

Columban JPIC:

The Christian environment charity, Operation Noah, will be hosting an ecumenical climate service...


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