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Parish visit to Our Lady of the Annunciation, Liverpool & St Mary’s Woolton.

Parish visit to Our Lady of the Annunciation, Liverpool & St Mary’s Woolton, Archdiocese of Liverpool, by Frs.

What does the US clean power plan mean for coal?

ANALYSIS: It won't speed up the US coal phase-out, but the flagship climate policy does kick an ailing sector, with global lessons

Stop sulking Ed Miliband, learn from the climate movement

COMMENT: Ex Labour leader says green groups are non-existent, but this offers little credit to major wins in run-up to Paris

1 for 7 Billion exposes country positions on reform of UN Sec-Gen selection process

New research by the 1 for 7 Billion campaign shows that just three countries could block proposals to improve the secretive and undemocratic proces

UN climate talks: How to read the new COP21 negotiating text

ANALYSIS: New text is still long, but offers overview of agreement, areas of divergence and a menu of options for the path forward

South Africa to target 34% carbon cuts by 2025

NEWS: Background document seen by RTCC indicates government will not change goal laid out in 2009 ahead of UN climate deal

Government survey reveals ministers out of touch with public on energy

5 reactions to Obama’s climate plan

ANALYSIS: We reached out to lawmakers and analysts worldwide for their take on the US clean power plan

General secretary election 2015: advance notification

The national executive council at its meeting on 29 July 2015, agreed that an election for the post of general secretary take place this year.

A simple proposal to keep fossil fuels in the ground

COMMENT: Cap & Share could be the scheme to turn popular support for climate action into results, argues Laurence Matthews


Member stories

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