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Lifestyles must change to avoid climate disaster, says Pope

NEWS: Destruction of nature is a "crime" says Pontiff in leaked draft of encyclical; official version due out on Thursday

Mass lobby of Parliament 17 June - what you need to know

Getting there

Greening the world energy mix in 9 graphs

ANALYSIS: The International Energy Agency has published a special report on climate change: what does it tell us about energy emissions?

Fracking update: "guinea pigs" send anti-fracking message to Lancashire Council

Sign our petition to stop fracking Fracking decision imminent

Hillary Clinton mocks climate sceptics at presidential campaign launch

NEWS: Democrat hopeful lashes out at sceptics and says she'll back growth of solar, wind and other green energies

Which MPs have spoken out against fracking? Here are a few to keep an eye on

by. Credit: Wikipedia From left to right: Jason McCartney, Caroline Lucas, Cat Smith, Mark Williams, Liz Saville Roberts, Stuart McDonald...

Climate change the “biggest” economic risk facing the world

NEWS: Former US Treasury chief Hank Paulson leads call for US politicians to take global warming seriously

NGOs call for strong EU policies to beat the 2030 renewable energy target


IEA: Pledges for climate negotiations not yet enough, governments must increase ambition


REDPARQUES makes good progress in getting protected areas recognized as natural solutions to climate change


Member stories

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Well I went!

All We Can:

On Friday 21 April, 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to maintain the commitment made by...

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