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Church of England faces new pressure to divest fossil fuel holdings

NEWS: Diocese of Oxford demands divestment, and promises to review its own investments in fossil fuels

Climate change to increase US lightning strikes

NEWS: Scientists predict a 50% increase this century in the frequency of lightning strikes due to global warming

IPCC: Reports from its Fifth Assessment (2013-2014)

Taiwan defies China to seek recognition at UN climate talks

NEWS: The government in Taipei argues the island state has a unique perspective that should be recognised by the UN

India must lead climate fight for developing countries at UN talks

COMMENT: US-China climate deal will take the world towards a catastrophic beyond 4C temperature increase pathway, writes Chandra Bhushan

Geoengineering: Pumping iron into oceans could backfire

NEWS: Iron fertilisation of oceans stimulates carbon sucking plankton, but could also lead to rise in CO2 emitting sea-life

Who’s to blame for climate change?

ANALYSIS: Scientists are starting to undertake the politically dangerous task of figuring out who can be blamed for extreme weather disasters

Canada and UK set to back Green Climate Fund

NEWS: Hopes for global climate agreement rise as UN-backed bank nears $10 billion fund-raising target

Dramatic polar bear population decline underlines need for climate action

Australia left isolated as G20 backs climate action call

NEWS: Pressure from US and EU forces Abbott U-turn in Brisbane as global warming heats up summit negotiations


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Preaching in Newcastle’s St Nicholas’ Cathedral on 15th Nov, Dr David Golding explained that he...


Spokes joined 5000 others (police estimate) at the


When Cameron visited Greenpeace in 2007 he spoke of the need for green energy. Now...
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