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Germany’s carbon targets in doubt as emissions rise in 2013

New lignite-fired power stations prompt rise in Germany's CO2 emissions, tarnishing the country's green revolution

Events: 2014 Matters: Scotland's Place in Building a Just World


John Kerry issues seven point climate change plan

US Secretary of State ignores recent criticism to ram home commitment to new UN climate deal

Events: Can we get the fossils out of finance? Panel discussion and Q & A about fossil fuels, the carbon bubble and divestment


Events: Transforming Scotland's Economy


India pollution linked to Himalaya glacier melt

Kolkata’s choking streets are affecting the health of residents and the region's long term prosperity

Opposition to EU-US trade deal growing as negotiations start in Brussels

Arctic melt ‘speeding up’ say scientists

Pace of change at North Pole is surprising scientists: latest studies show the region is at its warmest for 40,000 years

Richard Branson: business must ‘stand up to climate deniers’

Virgin Group's founder weighs in to debate about company shareholders' views on climate change

US senators to hold marathon debate on climate change

Senate Democrats to debate climate change as Republican foes try to block curbs on coal


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Official plans to relocate residents of shanty towns braced for future landslides and...

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