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UK and Latvia tipped for top EU climate jobs

ANALYSIS: Commissioners will have key role in global climate talks, but leaked Brussels chart shows "energy union" takes priority

Nova Scotia bans fracking in snub to Canada PM Harper

NEWS: Provincial government says environmental impact of shale gas and oil drilling needs more research

Brompton’s MD on how to create a Dutch-style cycling culture in the UK

The Role of Communities in Household Energy Reduction - Who, How and Why?

Global calls for a sanctuary to protect the Arctic

Transition Southampton - Repair Café

France plans climate harmony ahead of 2015 UN summit

INTERVIEW: Leading climate official Laurence Tubiana tells RTCC Paris 2015 conference is a step on the ladder, not the endgame

Increase in elephant populations in the Mara Serengeti ecosystem clouded by worrying poaching signs outside protected areas

Small island anger as China and India snub UN climate summit

NEWS: Tony de Brum says he expects "solidarity not excuses" from fellow developing nations

A BRIGHTER FUTURE: how tackling climate change can deliver better living standards and shared prosperity

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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Ban Ki-moon to chair closed-door climate change session on sidelines of 2015 General...

Columban JPIC:



“Most of us are women, and lots of us are single parents, so it was a massive decision to go on...

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