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UN shipping body shelves emissions target

NEWS: A Marshall Islands plea for climate action fell on deaf ears at IMO, leaving CO2 to rise unchecked

Paris climate deal to boost global economic growth, says Figueres

NEWS: Executive secretary of UN climate convention rejects notion carbon curbs will slow growth, admits 2015 deal will not be a "silver bullet"

Foreign Secretary responds to UNA-UK’s joint letter on ‘killer robots’

UNA-UK has received a response from a joint civil society letter sent to the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond calling on the UK government to “be a

G7 ministers hail agreement on climate goals ahead of June summit

NEWS: Energy chiefs say group of industrialised countries are in consensus over urgency of "deep" greenhouse gas cuts

Traffic Count : Bikes highest ever %

Despite a cold and windy morning, the May Spokes traffic count found bikes forming 16.5% of all vehicles at our 4 count points, the highest ever %,

Obama guilty of climate denial after Shell green light, says McKibben

NEWS: Allowing oil giant to search for more fossil fuels denies the "meaning" of scientific warnings, writes 350 campaign founder

Put migrant children’s rights on EU agenda, urges Unicef

On the eve of the adoption of the EU Migration Agenda, Unicef is calling for the rights and wellbeing of migrant children to be at the heart of Eur

Cargo owners demand transparency on shipping emissions

NEWS: Big businesses like AstraZeneca, H&M and Volvo are choosing green shippers, but UN maritime body makes slow progress on global regulation

Sea levels are rising faster than previous estimates

THE GUARDIAN: IPCC modelling proves right as scientists find satellite glitch led to inaccurate sea level rise records in 1990s

Binding CO2 cap would leave US on shaky legal ground

BLOG: US legal expert lays out criteria for Paris pact, warns administration should not over commit or it could face trouble in courts


Member stories


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