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George Marshall: We need to engage the Tories on climate change

COMMENT: Green groups must stop ignoring the elephant in the room: a huge mass of centre right voters who hold the power of change

Seven ways to get the Tories to back ambitious climate policies

BLOG: With a Conservative government all-but assured in the UK, green groups will need to reassess their engagement strategy

Why Canada’s provinces are fighting the Feds on climate

ANALYSIS: Leftwingers' shock victory in oil-rich Alberta signals energy sector shake-up as anticipated carbon taxes defy PM Harper

Conservative majority increases UK climate influence – Barker

NEWS: Returning prime minister David Cameron will advocate for a strong climate deal in Paris, says his former envoy

Modi: India can offer “natural leadership” on climate change

NEWS: PM offers grand vision of green India but no clues on country's possible contribution to global climate pact

Standard Chartered feels the heat over threat to Great Barrier Reef

by. Credit: Clement Tang/Greenpeace Hong Kong: Greenpeace activists unfurl a stair-riser banner in front of the Standard Chartered’s...

Climate fight will be won or lost in cities – World Urban Campaign

INTERVIEW: Empowering mayors, village chiefs and communities to promote care for the environment is central to climate challenge

California braces itself for worsening wildfire seasons

NEWS: Years of drought and higher temperatures mean the chance of devastating wildfires in the southwest US is higher than ever

Scientists warn of “runaway” West Antarctic ice melt

NEWS: Satellite data is used to measure the extent and pattern of increased ice loss that threatens to be a “runaway problem”

New Zealand stresses costs of climate action, looks to carbon markets

NEWS: Government is playing up the challenges of emissions cuts in a consultation on its contribution to a global climate deal


Member stories

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