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UK political uncertainty undermining carbon targets – report

NEWS: Vacillation over energy policy in the UK is threatening low carbon future set out in 2008 Climate Change Act

US rollout of electric charging stations slowing down

NEWS: Falling numbers of electric charging stations could exacerbate 'range anxiety' of electric vehicle drivers

Indian monsoon becoming more erratic – study

NEWS: Less rainfall in shorter bursts risks damaging agriculture and causing flooding in India, warn scientists

Tutu, Branson and Buffett take on Soco in fight for Virunga

Biofuels can increase ozone pollution more than gasoline – study

NEWS: Burning ethanol in cars can worsen air pollution, adding to the green concerns surrounding biofuels

UK public back renewables over fracking – survey

NEWS: Govt poll reveals support for clean energy rises to 80%, while just 29% say they want to see more shale gas extraction

£500 million for clean car technology

Greenpeace response

Nepal’s hill farmers show why climate finance matters

BLOG: Communities perched on the edge of the Himalaya battle climate change on a daily basis - but with help they can flourish

Alex Salmond: Scotland will lead on climate change

NEWS: As Scotland heads into independence referendum, First Minister promises to take a lead on tackling climate change

Coal central to US emissions trajectory, says Energy Dept

NEWS: Coal and nuclear provide more than half of the country's electricity, with the future mix central to the USA's climate ambitions


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: US Department of Defense is calling for more resources to expand search and rescue...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

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