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Papal encyclical to have “major impact” says top UN climate official

NEWS: Christiana Figueres says Pope Francis will stress moral obligation to protect planet for future generations

Australia ‘overstated’ emissions to make climate target look ambitious

NEWS: Report finds country "pocketing difference" from slower emissions growth while projections remain fixed

Airlines face call to help world’s poorest in climate fight

NEWS: Imminent report from French government to suggest emissions from aviation growth should face financial penalties

Nepal – the road to recovery begins

Governments silenced over UN climate change target

BLOG: Diplomats in Bonn have pushed back on an initiative to assess whether current levels of carbon cuts will slow risky warming

WWF: Climate talks need to speed up and mind the gap


UN talks inch closer to climate deal

Slow pace of UN climate talks raises Paris stakes

NEWS: Smaller and clearer plans for global deal expected this week, but doubts over progress linger among participants

Global Warming: The Complete Briefing (5th Edition)

Global Warming. The Complete Briefing. 5th Edition

Why June 23 is a key moment for our anti-fracking movement

Through our amazingly dynamic and sustained campaigning of communities and the climate movement, we have been able to keep Britain frack free for t


Member stories

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