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WWF: ICAO Forgoes Immediate Emissions Reductions for Promise of a Future Global Plan

Lord Deben: no justification for changes to UK carbon budgets

Head of UK Climate Change Committee says there is no legal or economic justification to change the country's current decarbonisation plans

Ocean acidfication impacts ‘worse than thought’ say scientists

New review agrees with the IPCC that the oceans are absorbing warming caused by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases

Bloomberg: fracking unlikely to bring down UK energy bills

Bloomberg New Energy Finance submission to UK Parliament suggests shale gas could cost 50% to 100% more in UK than USA

China set to lead 2014 solar energy boom

Analysts predict global solar PV installations will exceed 40GW by 2014, with China leading with installations of more than 2GW planned

Goldman Sachs to invest $1.5 billion in Dong energy

Investment is likely to safeguard the future of one of the world's biggest wind farm operators

UNA-UK welcomes Security Council statement on humanitarian access in Syria

UNA-UK welcomes yesterday’s Presidential Statement (PRS

New DVD ‘Conflict and Climate Change’

“An extraordinarily good resource, and a hopeful one about engaging with the issues of conflict and climate change”, was how the General Secretary

Marks and Spencer tops carbon performance charts

Top 10 performers in Carbon Clear rankings include BT, National Grid, Unilever, Reed Elsevier, Sainsbury’s, BSkyB, Barclays and HSBC

Sun must supply 10% of world’s energy by 2025

Sir David King and Richard Layard say planet meeting 10% of its total energy needs from solar power in under two decades


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