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All We Can greatly values the dedicated individuals who share and promote our work in their churches and communities, and encourage others to get i

UK university displays ‘memorial’ to named climate deniers

BLOG: Nigel Lawson, James Delingpole and Melanie Phillips feature in provocative work awarded Anglia Ruskin sustainability art prize

Leading oil producers commit to slash gas flaring emissions

NEWS: New initiative to stop gas being flared off from oil production sites could prevent release millions of tonnes of emissions

“Don’t mention Arctic oil”: How Shell’s latest bid to get young people hooked on fossil fuels seriously backfired

Human rights focus can strengthen Paris climate deal

COMMENT: Climate change may constitute the most serious challenge to the fulfilment of human rights in our world today

UK government ordered to cut air pollution

NEWS: Supreme court tells ministers to take "immediate action" to meet safe limits of nitrogen dioxide 25 years after original deadline

G20 to assess ‘carbon bubble’ threat – media reports

NEWS: United States, China, India, Russia, Australia, and Saudi Arabia to probe risks of stranded assets ahead of UN climate pact

Nepal earthquake offers lessons for climate disaster planning

NEWS: Lack of rules and regulations meant earthquake warnings were ignored, say local experts, leaving communities vulnerable to disasters

European air pollution has deadly trillion-dollar price tag – WHO

NEWS: Related deaths and diseases cost European economies $1.6 trillion a year, World Health Organization finds, calling on leaders to enact curbs

Japan eyes weak climate goals as nuclear plans fade

NEWS: Atomic energy's role in power generation won't recover to pre-Fukushima levels, opening door for coal and gas


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Somerset- a different county We are pleased to announce that CRES and JRI will be running a one...

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More than £340,000 has been given in response to the East Africa Famine Appeal, launched at the...

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