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CREATION TIME 1 Sept – 4 Oct 2014

1 September – 1 October is celebrated as CREATION TIME by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, Council of European Churches and many other gro

Telling the story of a green economy

ANALYSIS: Advocates for a green economy need a narrative to compete with that of the free market

Apollo mark two: UK climate envoy champions greentech fund

NEWS: Sir David King seeks US$10-20 billion for Global Apollo Programme to fund low carbon research

Islands leader calls for ‘world’s greatest climate alliance’

COMMENT: Islands leaders are bored with finger pointing, says Marshallese President: it is time to act

Water shortage could hit China’s fracking plans

NEWS: Race to exploit shale gas resources could be hit by low levels of freshwater supplies, critical for drilling

Why does NATO still downplay climate threats?

ANALYSIS: With Ukraine and Afghanistan dominating this year's Summit agenda, will NATO ever take climate change seriously?

African farmers urgently need “climate-smart” investment – report

NEWS: Climate change will mean more failed harvests, without investment in new seed varieties and farming techniques

Arctic expedition pioneers technique for polar bear research

Naomi Klein book launch: This Changes Everything

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs.The Climate

Climate change “robbing nations of right to exist” say small island leaders

NEWS: Climate change set to dominate discussions during 2014 Small Islands conference


Member stories


Many central-Scotland trains, including Edinburgh-Glasgow main line, are to be replaced by new...


Government cuts to tax credits next April will leave more than 2.7 million low to middle income...


Reform of the UN is achievable and could have a "transformative impact" on the effectiveness of...

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