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Fracking bonkers? Decision to ban our ad shows twisted logic

by. Credit: Greenpeace Our banned anti-fracking ad Image caption:  Our banned anti-fracking ad If...

Could green bonds offer a home for capital fleeing fossil fuels?

BLOG: Bonds financed German reunification and Japan's nuclear fleet - why not the low carbon transition?

US frackers vulnerable in face of falling oil prices

ANALYSIS: Sustained oil prices below $50 a barrel likely to affect creditworthiness of some oil and gas drillers

Business eyes place at Paris climate summit top table

ANALYSIS: France's offer to business and regions to provide solutions could be a game changer if hosts can get round to working out a plan

Sofidel broadens its agreement with WWF Climate Savers


Nepal’s rhino numbers increase by 21%

Greenpeace dismisses ‘baseless, biased, and bonkers’ fracking ruling

EU-Swiss carbon market link raises fears of diluted climate ambition

NEWS: Carbon Market Watch calls for safeguards as emissions trading pact sets precedent for China and South Korea tie-ins

Fear of floods and droughts dominate Pakistan climate plan

INTERVIEW: Climate minister says country will submit strategy to UN by September, warns it faces increase in future weather extremes

Carmichael coal mega-mine ‘unviable’ after Adani restructure

NEWS: Indian conglomerate rejects IEEFA claim it will struggle to attract finance for Australian coal mine, railway and port infrastructure


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Columban JPIC:

A continuous professional development opportunity for educators is being offered in late June,...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

Friends of the Earth and community group Save Druridge have been fighting proposals for an...

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