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Figueres hails opening of Green Climate Fund in South Korea

GCF expected to channel large chunk of US$100 billion a year rich countries committed to deliver by 2020

Feed the world, and have a sustainable Christmas lunch

UN-backed study highlights how food is being wasted - so here's out guide to eating sensibly over the festive season

Brazil stock exchange launches $500 billion sustainability index

Businesses in new portfolio make up 47% of the exchange’s total value, including power, ICT and banking sectors

Renewable Energy: Power for a sustainable future

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Sustainable energy - without the hot air

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How to live a low-carbon life

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Clean Energy, Climate and Carbon

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How bad are bananas? The carbon footprint of everything

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Zero carbon Britain 2030: a new energy strategy

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News: Public Inquiry into commercial unconventional gas development is UK first

Key issues to be examined at the UK’s first Public Inquiry into a planning application for commercial unconventional gas extraction will be decided


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

ANALYSIS: Proposed new UN-backed framework to help countries prepare for future extreme weather...

John Ray Initiative:

Ruth Valerio

Greg Valerio

Columban JPIC:

Columban J&P worker James Trewby and intern Anna Brown will be playing important roles in...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

A funny thing happened yesterday.

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