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Silver Hill - latest planning application Sept 2014

Dangerous Ideas Southampton: How sound is your pound?

Dangerous Ideas Southampton: Film Screening - Inside Job

UK and Latvia tipped for top EU climate jobs

ANALYSIS: Commissioners will have key role in global climate talks, but leaked Brussels chart shows "energy union" takes priority

Nova Scotia bans fracking in snub to Canada PM Harper

NEWS: Provincial government says environmental impact of shale gas and oil drilling needs more research

Brompton’s MD on how to create a Dutch-style cycling culture in the UK

The Role of Communities in Household Energy Reduction - Who, How and Why?

Global calls for a sanctuary to protect the Arctic

Transition Southampton - Repair Café

France plans climate harmony ahead of 2015 UN summit

INTERVIEW: Leading climate official Laurence Tubiana tells RTCC Paris 2015 conference is a step on the ladder, not the endgame


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Winchester Action on Climate Change:

Commenting on the latest NHS deficit figures published today (Friday), UNISON General Secretary...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

Barclays has a 97% stake in Third Energy, the company that wants to frack beautiful Ryedale in...

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