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Events: Glenrothes Training Day - Unconventional Gas Free Zone


Events: Kilsyth Training Day - Unconventional Gas Free Zone


Obama offers $100m to drought-hit Californian farmers

US president pledges over $100 million to help farmers who are suffering in historic Californian drought

US and China to speed up climate change co-operation

Carbon superpowers say they will step up efforts to improve emissions standards in cars, buildings and power plants

Iran considers use of carbon trading to cut CO2

Islamic Republic, one of the developing world's biggest emitters, may launch carbon bourse to improve efficiency, cut emissions

Flooding - national petitions and statements

Greenpeace maroon Paterson

Giant Owen Paterson puppet marooned in dinghy outside Westminster as more abandoned flood plans come to light

Yeb Sano: Kerry’s climate warning needs political backing

Philippines climate envoy says rhetoric must be complemented by radical cuts to global carbon emissions

DVD ‘Conflict and Climate Change’

Extraordinarily severe weather in Britain since Christmas and increasing mention of Climate Change as a security issue highlight the relevance of t

John Kerry warns climate change poses threat greater than ‘WMDs’

Secretary of State tells audience in Indonesia unlimited carbon emissions could create a 'fearsome' weapon


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Columban JPIC:

“China has 80 million people living at sea level so of course it is interested in tackling...

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Chief French climate diplomat says hosts of COP21 will take lead if countries fail to...

Scots tell First Minister why they care about climate change
Stop Climate Chaos Scotland:

Campaigners today (Wed 27 May) showed the First Minister some love outside the Scottish...

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