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Budget bewilderment

The Scottish Government’s draft budget seems likely to increase cycling investment in 2014/15, a very welcome development, albeit that it will stil

UNA-UK’s R2P Programme Officer addresses Hazara APPG

On 10 September 2013, Alex Buskie, UNA-UK’s Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Programme Officer, spoke at a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Gr

Summer days ‘four times hotter’ across some parts of Europe

Scientists exploring regional impacts of climate change find summer temperatures soar in a band from southern England to Denmark

IPCC rejects Daily Mail claims it plans climate ‘crisis meeting’

UN climate science body says Mail on Sunday made up claims of a 'crisis meeting', maintaining plans for forthcoming AR5 report remain as normal

UNA-UK releases roundtable briefing paper on R2P

Escalating crises and situations of constant concern in countries such as Syria, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burma demonstrate

The Arctic is under threat

As the Arctic sea ice melts, oil companies are determined to drill for the same fuels that cause the melting in the first place.

Biofuels: EU MPs back new 6% cap on food crops

MEPs also agree to include indirect land use (ILUC) factors in biofuels legislation from 2020

Gas flaring responsible for 42% of black carbon in the Arctic

Gas flaring in the Arctic, along with household stoves, contribute more to warming Arctic than previously thought

Barroso promises EU climate policy framework by end of 2013

European Commission president uses final State of Union speech to promise policy action on climate change and rebuke climate deniers

Reclaim power: month of action on energy

Global month of action on energy


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Member stories

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