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UN chief to address Vatican climate change summit

NEWS: Meeting of top Catholic officials, scientists and economists to lay foundations for upcoming Papal Encyclical on environment in June

Australia’s climate plans probed by UN partners

NEWS: World’s biggest emitters call out inadequate pollution-cutting targets as nations vet power of pledges to rein in global warming

Fracking bum note in Labour's green manifesto - Greenpeace

World Bank cash for fossil fuels: The worst kind of hypocrisy

COMMENT: Increasing support for coal and other climate polluting energy sources undermines the World Bank's credibility on climate change

India considers twin-track climate plans towards UN deal

ANALYSIS: Insiders hint radical carbon cuts unlikely, with Delhi depending on global support to clean energy supply

WWF-UK’s blog site scoops top spot at digital awards

Ocean acidification triggered mass extinctions 252 million years ago

NEWS: The biggest extinction ever known on Earth resulted from oceans turned acid by CO2, the main gas driving human-caused climate change today

Polar bears hit by twin threats of pollution and climate change

NEWS: Plastic waste, toxic pollutants and climate adding pressures on polar bears in Arctic say researchers

Deepwater Horizon five year anniversary: Greenpeace reaction

UN: Gold, timber and ivory plunder stokes Congo conflict

NEWS: Billion-dollar smuggling trade propping up rebel groups in war-torn east of vast African country, reveals report