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EDCs: What Are They and Why Should You Care?

EDCs are a huge problem, kind of like the climate change of chemicals.

9 things we learned at the UN climate talks in Bonn

BLOG: Climate talks are like pregnancy, Ethiopia is more climate-forward than Australia and God is on the climate's side

A global carbon market could be a silver bullet for climate change

COMMENT: Making the polluter pay would spur "dash to renewables" hauling the developing world out of fossil fuel-dictated poverty

World’s coral reefs face third major bleaching event on record

NEWS: 'Underwater rainforests' that buffer coastlines from storms on track for 'full-fledged bleaching event' as die-offs loom

Trust us, says UN: Our ‘tool’ will keep climate talks on track

WEEKLY WRAP: All you need to know from the last seven days of international climate change and energy politics

Serbia accused of fiddling UN climate change pledge

NEWS: Contribution to UN pact championed by European Commission represents a 15% rise in CO2 emissions

Planes choking people and planet, says US environment agency

NEWS: US green regulator takes measures to tackle billowing emissions from aviation industry on public health grounds

UN to present new ‘streamlined’ climate text in July

NEWS: Chairs of talks for a global emissions deal propose new "tool" that will synthesise and clarify discussions so far

Papal encyclical to have “major impact” says top UN climate official

NEWS: Christiana Figueres says Pope Francis will stress moral obligation to protect planet for future generations


Member stories

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