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‘Ultra-mega’ solar power project to be constructed in India

The 4GW project in Rajasthan will be completed in phases with the first GW due to be running by 2016

Why I’ll be tweeting on food speculation

Electricity could be generated from condensation

Water droplets carry an electric charge which can be used to generate electricity and make power plants more efficient

CFB October '13 newsletter

Germany delays EU car emissions deal for third time

Germany accused of "sharp practice" as country blocks another EU attempt to enforce tighter emission standards for cars

Green Climate Fund must deliver transparency and integrity – NGOs

NGOs promote ethical investment as Green Climate Fund board meets to decide how to deliver $100bn to developing countries

Australia’s Climate Council generates $1m from crowdfunding

Morning summary: Australia Climate Council raises $1m; Fiji supports legally binding climate deal; Alaskan student sues state for failing to addres

Soco’s oil exploration in Virunga violates OECD guidelines

We’ve filed an OECD complaint with the UK Government against British oil company Soco International plc.

Big roar needed for lions and their threatened home

Spokes Gardens Bike Storage factsheet now in use

The Spokes factsheet on bike storage in gardens has been deemed ‘appropriate’ by Edinburgh Council’s Planning Committee and will now be referenced


Member stories

Columban JPIC:

Parish visit to St Anne’s, Timms Lane, Formby, Archdiocese of Liverpool, by Fr.

Responding to Climate Change:

BLOG: Springtime burning of savannah and forest in the southern hemisphere shows up in latest...

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