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Tajikistan’s women take solar power into their own hands

NEWS: Left behind by men seeking work in Russia, Tajik's mountain women are learning to deploy solar systems to keep warm

Sundarbans islanders face stark choice as sea levels rise

NEWS: Millions in delta region of India and Bangladesh must change their livelihoods or migrate as they lose land to erosion

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts achieve global CO2 reduction target

Antarctic sea ice soars, as Arctic coverage diminishes

BLOG: South Pole is feeling effects of climate change, but scientists say rising sea ice levels are a "mystery"

Climate change weekly wrap – latest news, great photos and analysis

WRAP: All you need to know from the last seven days of international climate change and energy politics

IPCC chair Pachauri denies sexual harassment claims

NEWS: UN climate science chief will participate in next week's key meeting to outline future of organisation, spokesperson confirms

Speaking up for wind power - does it work?

Wind turbine hysteria hit the headlines again recently. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the great British public vehemently hate wind power.

Jeb Bush ignores climate but backs oil in major foreign policy speech

NEWS: Potential 2016 presidential candidate calls for "energy revolution" that will boost North America fossil fuel production

Yes Bank issues India’s first green bond

NEWS: India's fourth biggest private bank is aiming to raise up to US$250 million for renewable energy projects

New NASA satellite promises EPIC photos and climate insights

NEWS: NASA's newly launched DSCOVR tool will send back climate data and Earth photos from a million miles away


Member stories

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