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Leaked: EU confident plans for UN climate deal progressing

NEWS: China, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Australia set to deliver pledges by June; countries open to international ambition review

Slaughterhouse helps herders survive climate change

NEWS: Turning waste into fertiliser and energy improves prospects for East African pastoralists as region gets hotter and drier

Will 2015 be the warmest year on record?

BLOG: Combination of temperature rises linked to greenhouse gas emissions and EL Nino could send mercury levels soaring

On climate change, Obama don’t need no ‘anger translator’

BLOG: POTUS gets irate on US inaction on climate change as he ribs critics at annual Correspondent’s Dinner at White House

On mission in Peru

The link below provides a 10 minute video showing the work of Project Warmi Huasi in the Columban parish of Our Lady of the Missions in Lima, Peru.

Pension funds failing to manage climate risk could get sued

NEWS: Some 85% of the world's biggest asset owners are doing little or nothing to cut their carbon footprints, AODP reveals, as it prepares to take

Japanese energy plan for 2030 "nuclear, nuclear, and coal"


Global call for Norway to end coal investments

PoP2015 : more cash promised!

Bikes on Trams – a UK First

Bikes will be carried on off-peak regular tram services in Edinburgh in May – a UK first for


Member stories


Over 17,000 people across Scotland have responded to a Scottish Government consultation urging...

John Ray Initiative:

Martin Hodson suggested that I might reflect on my growing understanding of climate change from...

Columban JPIC:

On Saturday 16th September The Archbishop of Birmingham, the Most Reverend Bernard Longley, paid...

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