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Gas flaring responsible for 42% of black carbon in the Arctic

Gas flaring in the Arctic, along with household stoves, contribute more to warming Arctic than previously thought

Barroso promises EU climate policy framework by end of 2013

European Commission president uses final State of Union speech to promise policy action on climate change and rebuke climate deniers

Reclaim power: month of action on energy

Global month of action on energy

UN: global food waste emissions greater than US transport sector

Around 1.3bn tonnes of food is wasted on an annual basis say UNEP and the FAO, with serious environmental consequences

Obama unlikely to make Keystone decision until 2014

Morning summary: Experts say that the State Department is likely to delay on a Keystone XL Pipeline decision until next year

Dealing in doubt: how big oil funds climate denial

Attacks on climate science have been going on for 25 years.

EU set for landmark vote on future of biofuels

MEPs to decide on transport limits for crop based biofuels with hunger, indirect land use change and carbon emissions topping agenda

Events: Get Down with the Frackdown! Global Frackdown Day II


Blog: What's the strategy for industrial strategy?

The Government seems to favour both high and low carbon

Clean energy financing broke US$100 billion barrier in 2012

Development bank funding for low carbon projects broke landmark barrier last year according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Coalition of 56 countries say technology needs more political support ahead of 2015 Paris...


According to the janitor, 140-150 people attended the Spokes public meeting on Lothians cycling...

World Development Movement:

Countries from the global north have pledged $9.5 billion...

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