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World’s soil moisture could decrease 15% by 2099

Scientists have discovered that a change in atmospheric conditions could have serious consequences for soil chemistry

Rising waste levels driving global methane threat

Methane emissions from global rubbish dumps likely to continue to rise into next century

Energy investors ignoring climate change challenge – report

Transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is essential, but taking the first steps towards real change will make hugely challenging

IPCC: climate change poses threat to global food supplies

Morning summary: Draft of 2014 IPCC report lays out effects of climate change on food supplies; Australian government approves coal mining project;

Sir David Attenborough opens the Living Planet Centre

Read the November ‘Far East’

Yvonne in Peru and Sr.

World’s global carbon budget could be blown by 2034 – PwC

PwC report warns that current rate of decarbonisation leaves world is on track to exceed "carbon budget" in just over two decades


How is the USA preparing for climate change?

In an executive order from the White House today, President Obama outlined how the US can prepare itself for the impacts of climate change

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Member stories

Winchester Action on Climate Change:
A Rocha:

After explaining that I was going to be the new science teacher at the large secondary school in...

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Veteran Communist Party official set to take control of Beijing's negotiating team as...


Centred on the theme of UN peacekeeping and conflict prevention, this issue features exclusive...

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