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Ocean acidification could accelerate climate change, say scientists

Morning summary: Ocean acidification means marine organisms emit less of the sulphur compounds that keep planet cool

News: Neilston Community Windfarm Showcased During First Ever Community Energy Fortnight

A wind farm near Glasgow opened its doors to the public on Saturday as part of a series of UK-wide events to mark the inaugural Community Energy Fo

News: Scotgen Farce Calls into Question all Advanced Incineration Proposals

Commenting on the news that Scotgen’s Dumfries energy from waste plant is about to go into administration, Friends of the Earth Scotland Director D

Shell: it's time to separate the sponsor from the sport

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace Shell spends millions on the safety-conscious grand prix but is bent on risky Arctic drilling...


The period 1 Sept to 4 Oct is treated as a special time to remember Creation and the Environment.

The Arctic nightmare Russian authorities don’t want you to see

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace We're going in. Image caption:  We're going in. I’m on board...

Reclaim the Power! Part 2

    Earlier this week, I had the honour to be one of a group that blockaded the entrance to Cuadrilla’s test drilling site at Balcombe...

How scientists at NOAA are mapping New York’s watery future

When Hurricane Sandy hit, New York's flooding maps were 30 years out of date. NOAA scientists are making sure this never happens again

Bringing arctic stories to the City of London

Picture this. You’re standing on the north side of the Millennium Bridge (the ‘wobbly’ footbridge) in London, looking south.

Blog: Fracking fallacies, love from Dave

Dear elderly, fuel poor householder. We've started fracking.


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Responding to Climate Change:

BLOG: Know your BINGOs from your NAMAs? Worried about LULUCF?

Women's Environmental Network:

Unanimous agreement on the health benefits of community gardening in social housing!

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