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Extra $800bn needed per year to avert dangerous climate change

NEWS: Diverting fossil fuel subsidies into low carbon technology could bridge the green investment gap, say researchers

Lego, we're feeling sad too

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace Lego, don't let Shell play with the Arctic Image caption:  Lego, don't let...

‘Minilateral’ approach could spare UN climate talks gridlock

NEWS: Negotiations among 194 countries are unlikely to succeed warn analysts, arguing for radical shake-down to avoid 2C warming

American cities consider health warnings for fuel pumps

NEWS: A campaign is underway in US and Canada to get stickers on gas pumps warning about the impacts of climate change

India warns UN climate deal in 2015 hinges on finance

NEWS: India sends climate finance warning, as initial capitalisation of Green Climate Fund begins

Chinese coal consumption to peak in 2024 – Bloomberg

NEWS: China will add 1,000GW of renewables to its power system by 2030 as US$ 7.7billion is invested in electricity generation worldwide, leading a

Fund managers must account for long term risks – Law Commission

NEWS: Environmental and social risks should be integrated into investment strategies says influential body

How tiny plastic people protested around the world

The news of LEGO's cosy relationship with Shell has led to tiny protests erupting around the country - nay, the world. Famous national and...

No country will escape climate impacts, warns Ministry of Defence

NEWS: Rising sea levels, drought and food shortages likely to increase without cut in climate warming gases

India plans to overhaul approach to UN climate talks

NEWS: India environment minister promises government will "reposition" itself at global climate negotiations


Member stories


Government cuts to tax credits next April will leave more than 2.7 million low to middle income...


Reform of the UN is achievable and could have a "transformative impact" on the effectiveness of...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

The landmark vote by Lancashire councillors to reject two fracking applications in the county...

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