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Merkel: UK and Germany have “common ground” on climate strategy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says UK and Germany have same approach to EU's 2030 climate negotiations

Global carbon market could grow to $87 billion in 2014

Volumes traded in EU, USA and China could see markets grow 3% this year say Thomson Reuters Point Carbon

US coal lobby cranks up opposition to Obama carbon cuts

US lawmakers prepare latest salvo against administration's moves to tightly regulate coal

EU Environment and Energy Ministers must back strong climate ambition ahead of the March European Council

Tesla to open $5 billion ‘Gigafactory’ for batteries

Elon Musk's latest investment could remove another barrier to the electric car industry

City Council drop-in meeting on Local Plan - St John and All Saints

City Council meeting on Local Plan - St Cross

City Council drop-in meeting on Local Plan - St Bartholemew ward

UNA-UK to take part in Commission on the Status of Women

From 10-21 March, the UN in New York will host the annual conference of the Comm

UNA-UK engages FCO on Security Council veto

UNA-UK's Chairman wrote to the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office on 23 January urging the government to put forward ideas on how to improve the


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: US Department of Defense is calling for more resources to expand search and rescue...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

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