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Put migrant children’s rights on EU agenda, urges Unicef

On the eve of the adoption of the EU Migration Agenda, Unicef is calling for the rights and wellbeing of migrant children to be at the heart of Eur

Cargo owners demand transparency on shipping emissions

NEWS: Big businesses like AstraZeneca, H&M and Volvo are choosing green shippers, but UN maritime body makes slow progress on global regulation

Sea levels are rising faster than previous estimates

THE GUARDIAN: IPCC modelling proves right as scientists find satellite glitch led to inaccurate sea level rise records in 1990s

Binding CO2 cap would leave US on shaky legal ground

BLOG: US legal expert lays out criteria for Paris pact, warns administration should not over commit or it could face trouble in courts

Australia needs radical CO2 cuts to match US, EU

NEWS: Mind the gap: experts show scale of cuts needed to match pollution reduction targets of major world emitters

Will a Paris climate change pact have any teeth?

ANALYSIS: What requirements will a proposed 2015 global warming deal place on countries? It's a question exercising top legal minds

Second earthquake in Nepal

Just over two weeks after a major earthquake caused widespread destruction and killed over 8,000 people in Nepal, the country has been hit by a sec

Unicef concerned for children as second earthquake hits Nepal

US decision to open Arctic to Shell drilling sparks green fury

NEWS: Groups warns US government approval of oil firm's resumed exploration in risky polar waters spells environmental disaster

Apple pledges to power Chinese factories with renewables

NEWS: Technology giant has greened its offices and data centres; now CEO Tim Cook aims to tackle much bigger manufacturing carbon footprint