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#SpokesMtg 15 Nov – Cycling for All – Diversity Rules!!

Who should be able to get around by bike safely and conveniently??

Scottish Government must act on UN climate change report

As science on climate change becomes stronger, a new report released today (8th October 2018) by the UN’s scientific body, the Intergovernmental

WWF calls on the EU to take urgent action to limit global warming to 1.5°C

Climate Friendly BoA newsletter

Columbans Launch Schools Journalism Competition 2019


Environment Council to define global EU leadership on biodiversity and climate

Reflections on Mission for October

Great are the works of the Lord, by Revd Richard Clarkson

This is part of a series of daily reflections for the Season of Creationtide (which runs from September 1st to October 4th).

New Columban Superior General


Landmark scientific report expected to benchmark scale of climate action needed to reduce global warming


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John Ray Initiative:

A decade ago we needed a new economics: we still do, by Jonathan Ingleby More than a decade ago...

Responding to the Scottish Greens announcement today, Ryan Morrison

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