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Canada ignores climate warnings in drive for tar sands oil

NEWS: Government report says forests will suffer more due to climate change, but neglects to mention own role in global emissions

Climate sceptic former UK minister to launch think-tank

NEWS: Owen Paterson, sacked last month as environment minister, is setting up the UK/2020 group to create a "radical Conservative vision"

11 ways young people have revolutionized the climate debate

ANALYSIS: Little people mean big business when it comes to climate change, as these 11 victories show

Whither India: Modi faces climate choice as 2015 deal nears

ANALYSIS: Reports Delhi government is slashing green safeguards raise concerns it is not bothered about cutting emissions

Team Panda RideLondon

Keystone climate impact ‘four times’ greater than US govt estimate

NEWS: Scientists say controversial pipeline would have discernible impact on global markets, lowering prices and boosting demand

Climate change and the state of the science – a very brief summary

Recent Howarth paper on methane leaks‏

CFB CIC AGM notification for Members

Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise welcomed home by Arctic 30


Member stories


The UK economy could be hit to the tune of around £3.5bn a year if the Chancellor confirms later...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

It’s because some of the world’s most vulnerable people are caught in a growing spiral of misery...

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