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Tony Abbott’s climate policy likely to blow Oz emission targets

Research shows that Australian opposition's refusal to create carbon market means that Australia will not hit binding pollution targets

Join Colombia Solidarity Campaign to Protest the Imminent Eviction of Families from Their Village!

Gujarat plans 10km solar topped canal scheme

State unveils 10MW scheme over waterways in the Narmada Valley, which supply water to the arid regions of Saurashtra and Kutch

UN launches 2013 climate change photo contest

The UNFCCC is inviting photographers and filmmakers to submit work showing how the Clean Development Mechanism is changing lives

WinACC trustees - nominations for election autumn 2013

WinACC’s trustees recently consulted on proposed changes to the membership system and trus

Canada’s tar sands could blow its 2020 climate target

Morning Summary: Canada’s expansion of tar sands deposit could double its greenhouses gases by 2020

UN talks on 2015 climate deal must “shift gear” warn officials

Chairs also call for Warsaw summit in November to start delivering decisions on how global treaty will work

New Zealand's one billion dollar investment in fossil fuels dangerous for our future, says WWF report

Heat waves to quadruple by 2040, regardless of emissions cuts

Existing climate change means extreme heat waves will rise by four times by 2040, whether or not emissions are cut

March for Jobs and Justice, 31 August 2013

Saturday 31 August, March to Downing Street - celebrating the life and achievement of Dr Martin Luther King and standing up against inequality,...


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Coalition of 56 countries say technology needs more political support ahead of 2015 Paris...


According to the janitor, 140-150 people attended the Spokes public meeting on Lothians cycling...

World Development Movement:

Countries from the global north have pledged $9.5 billion...

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