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Australia needs radical CO2 cuts to match US, EU

NEWS: Mind the gap: experts show scale of cuts needed to match pollution reduction targets of major world emitters

Will a Paris climate change pact have any teeth?

ANALYSIS: What requirements will a proposed 2015 global warming deal place on countries? It's a question exercising top legal minds

Second earthquake in Nepal

Just over two weeks after a major earthquake caused widespread destruction and killed over 8,000 people in Nepal, the country has been hit by a sec

Unicef concerned for children as second earthquake hits Nepal

US decision to open Arctic to Shell drilling sparks green fury

NEWS: Groups warns US government approval of oil firm's resumed exploration in risky polar waters spells environmental disaster

Apple pledges to power Chinese factories with renewables

NEWS: Technology giant has greened its offices and data centres; now CEO Tim Cook aims to tackle much bigger manufacturing carbon footprint

Tidal lagoon energy could replace 80 coal power plants worldwide

NEWS: The EU says it is time for tides to provide energy for Europe from the Atlantic and end reliance on the burning of polluting fossil fuels

Beyond carbon pricing: Five ways to green economies

ANALYSIS: Taxing or trading emissions will not solve climate change alone, says the World Bank, so what else is needed?

Biofuels can take decades to pay off carbon debt – study

NEWS: Researchers have mapped the length of time before energy crops have a positive impact on emissions in different parts of the world

Coal set to dominate as Myanmar mulls energy strategy

ANALYSIS: Free from direct military rule since 2012, Myanmar is embarking on ambitious energy reforms, but renewables look set to miss out


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Stop Climate Chaos Scotland:
Today (Wednesday 19th September) people from all walks of life, from Inverness to Paisley to Ab

Being able to cycle more (9 people); feeling safer or more confident cycling (8 people); feeling...

John Ray Initiative:

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?

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